C-T/CxLxC – Repugnant Pathological Exhumations

Do you remember me posting that nice pic of 5 gorenoise CDrs I’ve bought from Subliminal Facial Productions? Well, you might, you might not, whatever. Yours truly has already reviewed a mini CDr split of Drowned Afterbirth/ExCxLxCxCxBxPxCxTxSx “A Bullose Epidermolysis” and now it’s time to check another release, this time with the grandiose gorenoise projects Campylobactosislagoonseatrashmeglylysisaquaticstasisialectomy (C-T) and Corpus Lutem Cyst (CxLxCx) under the title “Repugnant Pathological Exhumations”. Yes, it’s still in the title of the review, I know.

The split is just over 13 minutes long with both projects presenting one track each, C-T with “8 Tracks of Unpredictable Waste Ridden Gales Including covers of “Boom Boom Boom” by Vengaboys and “Meant To Be” by Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line .

Funny thing is, my CDr copy came with the tracks burnt in the reverse order, so instead starting with C-T, I am greeted with the omnious sounding intro-like for the aural hydro-rage of Corpus Lutem Cyst and I am surprised by the clarity of the recording. The drumsound is clear and the whole 6:32 runs smoothly. Definitely something I can listen to repeatedly. Thumb up for this one!

But even with C-T, i. e. Campylobactosislagoonseatrashmeglylysisaquaticstasisialectomy (fuck, I love that name) we are still firmly in the hydro-based gorenoise area, although you will definitely hear the difference. C-T presents harsher, dirtier sound, but I still find it strangely relaxing. I’m definitely going crazy. And those two covers mentioned? This has to be heard to be believed!

There is really nothing else to add – if you want to be the coolest kid on the block, you’re ordering this shit right now! But seriously, whether a novice or a seasoned gorenoise veteran, you don’t want to miss this one.

CxLxCx on Bandcamp: https://corpusluteumcyst.bandcamp.com/album/a-fungating-yellow-tumor-fills-the-cyst-lumen-split-with-campylobactosislagoonsea-trashmeglylysisaquaticstasisialectomy

C-T on Bandcamp: https://campylobactosislagoonsea-trashmeglylysisaquaticstasisialectomy.bandcamp.com/album/repugnant-pathological-exhumations-split-with-corpus-lutem-cyst-2019

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