Well, a week’s gone with the wind (or rain, in my case) and I finally can jump into the festering world of gorenoise again to – and I can’t believe I am writing this – get another fix of the medical malpractice.

This time we have this nice split CDr from Fetus Demersus and SxCxRx, which means, a dose of Italian gorenoise from Stefano Pigato (the half of the duo responsible for CxLxCx I have reviewed some time ago) and US offering from Zack Fogle from one of his projects (see interview with the man himself here).

So without a doubt, good stuff and good times ahead.

The whole split is not 15:39 long and contains 8 tracks, 7 from Fetus Demersus (7 ways to expel the fetus dead and anencephalic) and one long earaching experience from SxCxRx (nearly 8 minutes of sphincterorgasmic rectal watefalls).

As per the musical side of things, Fetus Demersus offers interesting mix of distorted vokills, drums, bass and God knows what else Stefano was using and this creates quite a listenable (I know, it sounds like an oxymoron) experience and from my unexperienced perspective I’d say it’s a really good stuff for new listeners to get into the genre.

SxCxRx single track is Zack true to his form. Waterfalls, he says? Indeed! Not as harsh as the material presented on the split with CxLxCx (and depending on the level of user experience that might be a positive or not-his-best thing), and using more vocal samples (well, it’s the audio, I guess, from some interesting enema fetish video), but the track slowly progresses into the harsher territory, with hydro-watery-bubbly part still prevalent.

As strange as it sounds, this one is a helluva great gorenoise split to pass on and whether you are a seasoned veteran listener or just a newbie trying to explore the genre, you won’t regret the effort to secure this release – although, it has to be said, it’s limited (as is the case with the most gorenoise releases) so act now or cry later.

The digital release you can find here, but if you like me and want a physical release, the CDr might be still available either from Zack or from Bunch Grenade Records.