And now for something more melodic, amigos! Obviously, after a few HNW sessions everything with a riff will be melodic, but don’t let my intro confuse you – we’re in the goregrind territory, with the scene veteran Italians Cannibe, pornogrind Marasmo and grindcore project Ripping Organs. Yay!

Cannibe 3 way split cover

The opening tunes belong to Italian goregrind behemoth Cannibe, but to be honest, if I don’t know where are they from, I’d suppose they are Mexican band too, as the song titles are in Spanish. But we’re here not for the song titles (OK, a little bit) but for the good gory, bloody portions of splatter! And because Cannibe always deliver, they deliver here as well. Nothing but love for them from me and if those 4 gore tracks won’t persuade you from splashing your hard-earned and saved money to buy whatever they release, nothing will. But you should. Really. Not because I will, but because it’s that good.

Marasmo, on the other hand, offers their portion of tupa-tupa porno/gore/grind with inhuman squeeling and nice gutturals, but beware, it’s not just polka rhythm here, these carnales can blast! It’s simply maniacal and that snare sound is one to kill for! “Costurero Pedofilico” certainly kills, there’s no discussion about it. Mexican amigos also provide the longest track on the whole 3-way split, 6:02 long “Infantofilo Toldders” and it’s intro is just totally disgusting – it’s the audio sample from the infamous “newborn porn” scene from the one of the most controversial movies ever made – “Srpski Film” (Serbian Film). I think there’s nothing to add. The song itself can’t even come close to the intensity of the said audio clip and actually provides a sort of relief (plus a welcome pig gutturals, which I like a lot). And the last song has something to do with kids again, but I’m not even try to translate the song title, so here you go: “Sucio Sujeto Con Una Libidinosidad Dirigida Primeramente a Los Ninos”. You’re welcome.

And the last band here to provide enjoyment is Ripping Organs with their 5 songs and opening intro to “Dia de Los Muertos” instantly puts me in the right mood. And again, the fact we’re getting yet another goregrind style, this time with more recognizable vocals and it’s more of a mixture of hardcore/crust and grindcore and it doesn’t sound bad at all! Their part is short, but provides enough interesting listening for any true goregrind fan to pursue this band and get more of their music output. I, for one, will. And dit I mention Agathocles cover? Yes, guys did a cover of A for Arrogance”. Fuckin’ ace!

Summed up – I can’t say anything bad. What it promised, it has delivered. Not boring and definitely repeated listening material. Get it while you can.

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