When Stefano from Fetus Demersus / Corpus Luteum Cyst (check the review for other CxLxCx material here) has announced the creation of his own DIY gorenoise label Sialorrhoea Production along with first few releases, it – obviously – haven’t escaped my attention and it goes without saying I’d ordered those first releases for my collection and review purposes.

First to review is Anemia, which is – not really a surprise anymore – a water-bubble-hydro-worship gorenoise by one and only Bobby Maggard and he, his projects and his DIY label Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions really don’t need any introduction. But if you are a late comer (as I still consider myself), you can check my interview with the man published here in the webzine. Really, really cool dude.

But this is neither a popularity contest here, nor person worship here, we’re here for the music! Or the lack of, as it really does matter on the side you are on.

Anemia presents 10 tracks in 51:34 and (it’s really a compilation of songs), so there’s a lot of noise to enjoy here – and I might repeat myself here, but Bobby has a perfect noise to offer.

First track, entitled “Aggregation of Red Blood Cells” is an old track from 2011 and, quoting the official text from the CDr, “features 82 trx of hypoxia worship”. I haven’t counted them, but as for the material presented, it’s top notch. I really like the clean sound of the recording – no muddied, muffled sound of many other artists, this is clean and still maintaining the level of interest really high.

And believe me when I say that, the second track, from January 2012 and originally from split tape with Cuntpump, is even better. Not only it’s fuckin’ long (18:35, baby!), but that drum muchine bulldozing everything to the ground. To some extent it – I don’t know why – reminds me of early Meat Shits stuff (I mean, the drum machine), and how could that be a bad thing, right?

I’ve mentioned it in one other review, but that aquatic, hydro-bubbling stuff is actually pretty therapeutic and relaxing. At least for me, so don’t quote me on any official medical prescription (or, if you do, pay me, bitches!) It’s crazy how such a long noise track can actually keep one’s attention – and that chance after 12:10 is catchy – not to mention the bubbling now resembles more the stuff of hell… or at least that’s how I imagine demons talking in the infernal pits.

3rd track belongs to “Sickle Cell Cult” EP and it’s the longest track on this compilation CDr, clocking in 24:23. Now, all I can do is to go with the good ole Asian description – “same, same, but different”. And that would really be a fitting description, as you get here everything from the previous tracks (I mean, blasting drum-machine and bubbling), but somewhat it’s also different. And it really is.

Number 4 – that’s “Decreased Hemoglobin Concentration” promo and, again quoting the official release text here, “recorded sometime in early 2012 and are leftovers from the “Sickle Cell Cult” session”. 11 seconds long and if you finished the aforementioned EP, you can confirm it really sounds like it belongs to it. For some strange reason it was not included, but for the sake of completion (probably), it’s here, and that’s OK with me. Definitely.

Now there’s some mystery to solve. The cover states, that tracks 5 – 11, under the title “Hypoxiatometmyo Blabglobulin Lymphopsytacsis Regain” mini promo were “drained & transfused 12/2011 & released sometime in late 2012 as the final release”. All good, but I double checking the CDr, there are only tracks 5-10! That’s weird…

But whatever the situation, these last tracks are – in my humble opinion – the best thing here. I always say and I will repeat it here as well – many people can write long tracks with elaborate stuff in them. But just a few – and that’s thing of genius in my book – can come up with a few seconds long track and make the definitive punch. Bobby did it here again (Britney should pay attention) and my first encounter with Sialorrhoea Production couldn’t get better (and I might change that statement later when finished other releases I’ve got here, but for now, it stands unchallenged and yeah, it’s a really solid stuff here).

The longer tracks, I’d say, are suitable for more experienced noise listeners, but if you are a newbie, there’s some beautiful tracks to enjoy here. Get it while you can!

Contact Stefano through his FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/stefano.pigato.31