I guess it’s evident that I like many genres of music. Although some of my tastes might seem ridiculous and WTF?, I prefer not to be confined within just a few genres, doing this would make me miss quite a lot of interesting stuff.

Thanks to Grindwar Youtube channel (and Bandcamp) I was able to discover this nice little d-beat/hardcore punk split of two bands from Latin America. Bala Perdida hails from Colombia and Ignicion from Chile. With that being said, let’s see what they offer.

Both bands offer three of their songs, first is Bala Perdida and they start with “Dinero = A muerte”. The title itself tells you a thing or two about their political/ideological position and while I don’t necessary agree (as it’s the case, the money is not the problem, the problem is the love of money), it’s not that hard to understand their motivation behind songs like this one. And this opening track is – as expected – quick, loud, in your face statement. Oh, just in case you don’t notice, both bands sing in Spanish and although I have no idea about the lyrics, I am definitely for singing in band’s native language. Fuck mainstream insistence on English, this is authentic stuff.

Second track is titled “Por la religión”, it’s evident this recording differs from the first one, but the music is still coming from my speakers with the same aggresivity and fervor. These guys are certainly pissed off by the many things in their respective countries/societies and they vent their anger in this nice track with dual vocals.

Third track, “Puro Cemento” is coming from the same recording as the second one, judging from the sound, and it also contains dual vocals. Somewhat muffled sound and seemingly chaotic music, but we’re here for a statement, not for a polished chords and choruses!

On the other hand Ignacion’s sound is little clearer, the music is your ordinary punk. The chords of “Falso” are simple, with a pissed off vocals on top of it. The soloing guitar is little above the rest of the instruments and the second guitar would be really of help, but that’s not something I would be insisting on.

And precisely, the second track “Noticia basura” is way better, as is “Ganas de Vomitar” the third and the last track. Guys don’t need solos, they do well without it. The riffs are catchy and although I like vocals of Bala Perdida little more, this almost 13 minutes of d-beat/HC punk from Latin America get me properly ready for the day.

It might not be the best stuff to get introduced to the genre, but I am sure fans of it will appreciate this split.