Hell, when was the last time I’ve listened to some black metal? Seriously, I can’t remember. Seeing as I have this nice little digital release here, it’s time to remedy that situation.

Eternal Fortress hails from Phoenix, Arizona and plays slow, atmospheric, keyboard-oriented black metal/dungeon synth. This is their first release from January 2018, although the band also released a new material in August 2018 and we’ll have look at it later.

So, what do we have here? 12:06 is the total playtime with 3 tracks. “Sorrowful Journey” is the first track in the dungeon synth. It’s simple, but I like it, that dreamy atmosphere of the vast landscapes it evokes in my mind. Yes, there are better DS acts, but this one doesn’t disappoint. Hmm….I’m craving to play some RPG right now!!!

“Realm of Rain” is the second track of this release, the 7:27 slow, mysterious, atmospheric black metal song. Again, we’re not dealing in anything complicated, which is a bonus here. I like to concentrate on the melody, the percussions…nice guitar work, by the way. And the vocals are not distracting, they are more like an echo flying over the track. Nice one.

Last track is “Tol Galen”, a short, 1:36 dungeon synth piece, closing Eternal Fotress’ offering for us.

Time flies with this nice stuff. 12 minutes is simply not enough, so I’m going with a few replays. Yep, I like it. And I hope you will too.

Check it out here: https://eternalfortress.bandcamp.com/album/enchanted-woods-of-sorrow