Violent Pacifists – Existence Is Futile (digital release review)

Gorenoise and goregrind certainly haven’t worn their welcome here at Rubber Axe HQ (and they will be with us for quite a some time to come), but today I am listening to something little different. No, not that New Kids On The Block album I am still in the middle of reviewing (and you know you secretly long for me to finish it), I’m not gonna make such great jump today…at least, not yet. read more

Bala Perdida / Ignicion – Ruidosa Hermandad (split review)

I guess it’s evident that I like many genres of music. Although some of my tastes might seem ridiculous and WTF?, I prefer not to be confined within just a few genres, doing this would make me miss quite a lot of interesting stuff. read more

The image of Wolfbastard's album

Wolfbastard – Graveyard Sessions

Hey, this one’s fucking good! A few days ago UKEM Records has released awesome album by those Mancunians (i.e. Manchester based) and I’ll be damned if I don’t get a good look (ok, the ear actually) to this nice short album. read more