A few weeks back I was tipped off to this project. San Francisco psychedelic crazies My Heart, An Inverted Flame present a song clocking in at 10 minutes long appropriately titled “Death Organ”.

I need to point out first that with this band you get NO PROMO SHOTS, NO PHYSICAL MEDIA (that I know of) AND NO IMAGES WHATSOEVER when you click on the bandcamp link.

If you see the hidden images (you really can’t, but you’ll think you can – like we all tend to do) you’ll come across the fact that this is one expensive song to own, which I found quite funny but also knowing the symbolism behind the number involved it starts to become unnerving.

The whole thing is an assault on your nervous system if you listen repeatedly.

I will attempt to review this ghost of a song.

We start off with a seeming death rattle in the background which swells into an organ.

It’s almost like you’ve went to see Rainbow in ’75 but there’s a swarm of kaiju size bees above the concert. This, I imagine, is how that would sound – before the concert starts with the band just warming up.

It keeps swelling. It really sounds like a death organ. Perhaps that’s why they called it “Death Organ”?

It’s a funeral to these old ears.

It’s a dirge – for real. A modern take on the dirge, you know what I mean? Unexpected yet completely expected. It’s just reality.

The drums beat you to the graves of your ancestors as you prepare to dive off a cliff – the top of which houses the cemetery.

This song is the kind of stuff that makes me want to do drugs again. I know the trip would be completely insane with the swirling sounds of what my mind hears as bees, crowds, wind, trains, and waves.

This is psychedelic synth doom. It’s reminding me of parts of the “First Church of Tjolgtjar” album I did a long time ago. It’s right up my musical and mental alley. My kind of electrosynthritualdarkness stuff.

My drugless mind starts to adapt and I now start to feel calm. The dread in this song is absolutely unbelievable.

I have to admit I don’t hear much stuff like this. I’m mostly a rock n roller but on occasion I delve into the art of noise. This IS noise but it isn’t. This is the kind of stuff I most like when walking around looking at rocks outside the Guitar-Bass-Drums-Vocals temple.

Usually with this kind of stuff – electronic drone in particular – you, or I should actually say “I” don’t get any real value from it. It’s just there like a subliminal smoking cessation audio tape you would play as you lay in bed back in 1989, cursing the day you ever started smoking those damn addictive fuckers.

That is NOT THE CASE with My Heart, An Inverted Flame’s “Death Organ.” It isn’t just some background crap.

It was unsettling listening to this but calming at the same time, so here we go – I’m gonna run off, onto a tangent. My brain won’t shut up, and you are gonna have to deal with it!

I assume that’s because of the note used. Correct me if I’m wrong but we seem to have a C# swelling the entire time for ten minutes.

When healing your chakras with sound a C note drone can be used for compassion, love, fitting in and liking it, caring, and other good things.

A C# takes that notion, shits on it, and then reminds you you’re going to be dead at some point and you better start thinking about what you really want to do with your time here on this bumbling, retarded, reversing itself, cesspool planet floating in the middle of absolute vast nothingness.


This song is a reminder of Earth. The thing you’re on. The thing you’re part of. The thing that isn’t nice.

What we have here, as stated before, is a real live death organ, folks. Oh and that graveyard on a cliff I talked about before?

You get pushed off at the end of your walk.

Into the fucking ocean.