I want to do a really nice promotion bit here. I am a happy listener/viewer (ok, more listener than viewer) of Grindwar channel on Youtube. And folks, tell you what, whoever is behind this channel does a great work of uploading various grindcore, noisegrind, d-beat, hardcore punk etc. releases. This way I am able to discover some interesting bands out there. Great work and they deserve all the praise. Bands and the channel owner(s).

Now, why did I mention that? Obviously, as you’ve clicked on the interview with Insufferable, you might suspect I’d found this band on Grindwar channel. And you are right, of course! Yes, I did find them there!

I haven’t been aware of their existence until I’ve listened to their latest released stuff “The Abandonment of Musicality” (first on Youtube, then on their Bandcamp page). Really excellent noisegrind, so if you’re into that kind of musick, give it a listen, it kills!

So, as Spock would say…it’s only logical i’d shoot some questions to Nick so we’ll get to know them more. Ready?

OK, first, let me congratulate you to 4 years of existence!!!! That being said, how did the band started? Can you recall any decisive moment of “Let’s start a band”? I’d be guessing listening to Amy MacDonald might inspire one to start a band, but I am not really sure if that’s your case 🙂

Thanks very much! Shit man, you got me. Her and KT Tunstall got me gagging to pick up a guitar and hit the road. I had wanted to be in a band since I was 14, maybe younger. I think the moment I decided I really wanted to start a band was after I listened to the audiobook of Get In The Van by Henry Rollins. It was around the time I had started getting more heavily into punk and hardcore. Before that I was pretty into thrash and other kinds of metal and had tried to start “bands” which never went anywhere.

The information I have might be conflicting…you are listed as a duo, but also as a trio…so, what is it? Two members, three members? More members than that? How much the line-up changed from the beginning till today?

Insufferable was originally a harsh noise/power electronics project. So originally it was just me with an incredibly lo-fi set up. That went on for two years then I approached Matty to play drums, I started playing guitar again and he and I made noisecore up until October last year. Bobby would fill in on drums at gigs Matty couldn’t make until Matty and I agreed to part ways and now Bobby is the drummer for the band. My friend Tony played bass on a release but never became a proper member of the band.

Insufferable album cover
The latest release from Insufferable

Your latest release is the album “The Abandonment of Musicality” and while from the Bandcamp page it might seeem it’s your only release, I know you already have released bunch of stuff. Can you briefly list Insufferable’s discography?

Well there were tons of releases from the Harsh Noise era, it was much easier to be prolific back then. There’s quite a few releases and splits from then and the Noisecore era that are on other bandcamps and YouTube if you type in Insufferable band.

Let’s talk about the latest album. What has inspired you to release it? And for those of us who haven’t heard your previous stuff, how different it is from the older material?

For “The Abandonment of Musicality” I compiled most of what I thought were the best tracks from our previous releases for a discography release. It’s the end of one era of the band as we move forward. I plan on doing a similar release of the Harsh Noise material once I manage to fix my old laptop with all the previous releases on it. None of this is really different from the old material because it’s comprised of old material, but you will hear a significant difference on our upcoming album “The Tightening Grip”.

Musically, I’d say it’s a nice blend of old school noisecore, grindcore and a little bit of powerviolence added to the mix. How do you view your musical progress up till now?

Thanks man! I feel the same way about the current version of the band, the way we sound now is exactly how I always wanted the band to sound and I cannot wait to record and release these songs. I view our progress as organic. I think it’s all happened very naturally, and nothing’s ever really been forced like “Oh we have to sound this way now!” and I’ve really enjoyed the journey so far.

From notes to the album I can see you have some interesting guests helping you with the recording. What can you tell us about co-operation with Bratakus, Defacer and Gay Panic Defence? Do you plan to continue with these guest appearances in the future recordings?

And, while mentioning other bands, how does a current Scottish underground scene look like? Any interesting bands worth mentioning?

They’re all good pals, we’ve played plenty of gigs together and hung out. A nicer group of people you couldn’t meet. The Bratakus girls live a way up north so our correspondence for the recording was over messages but they nailed it. The rest I went through to Kirkcaldy to record with the boys and it was a good time. Plenty! Apart from Bratakus, Defacer and Gay Panic there’s Bobby’s original band Wheelchair x4. Endless Swarm, GENDO IKARI, Scumpulse, Wound. If you’re feeling eclectic there’s friends of mine VFLambda (who should be way bigger than they are), The Manky Hoors, Rebecca Radical, Bile Yer Heid. There’s loads.

It’s also great to see you perform live. Any interesting experience while playing live, any memorable event? How often do you play live?

Insufferable band pic

There’s been a few memorable ones! Playing Coalition in Toronto was pretty memorable! It’s a shame that venue is closing down. My guitar sounded weird that night but there was a pit going on and people seemed to have a good time. The whole vibe that night was pretty cool. When we played Aberdeen was pretty mental as well. Gloomfest, the last gig with Matty, was a good time. I fucked up my guitar strap and my guitar kept falling off but we just went for it. Every time we’ve played Dundee has been fun. Not as often as I’d like but normally semi regularly. We’ve just been working on new material for a couple of months to try and get a new set together and then gig as much as we can.

I think it’s probably too early to ask about the reactions to the new material, but anyway…what are the reactions of listeners to “The Abandonment…?” 🙂

Positive so far! It’s definitely proven to be our most popular release so far in terms of people purchasing it digitally. Not that that’s super important but it’s nice to see!

Year 2018 was full of great releases, what would you pick up as your top 3 from the last year?

Top 3 releases of 2018… Well, I’ve got to shout out my buddies Endless Swarm, “Imprisoned In Skin” was pretty killer. Daughters “You Won’t Get What you Want” and last but not least “Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs” by Napalm Death. I’m shit at this.

Any interesting plans for 2019?

We have a new album in the works! It should hopefully be recorded and released soon. We’re working on a music video, new merch and gigs/tours. It should be a crazy year for us hopefully!

Final message to the readers of the Rubber Axe webzine?

Thanks for giving a shit! We appreciate any and all support. Keep your eyes peeled for new material! We still have some merch left over on the bandcamp page if anyone cares. Thank you for the interview and all the best!