During the conversation after finishing our video interview Ian Berling has mentioned the upcoming 3-way split which would feature his band Zombie Raiders. And to his surprise (and my delight), the material was already released just a day before! Talk about good timing!

Now, this short 3-way split brings to you the material from 3 underground acts I have never encountered before (OK, now I am lying a bit, but I’ve only read the mention of job4abrokeback and listened to just a few songs from Zombie Raiders. That’s it).

Water Bottle Bong logo

Water Bottle Bong is nice sounding goregrind/grindnoise with really funny intros/outros and I’m hooked from the first second. Nice! 7 songs total with titles like “Torched Rectum Leaks Snotty Weird Stuff” or “You Talk About Loving 90s Music But You Werent Alive Then You Stupid Fuck” with Scatman John sampled into intro. Pure delight.

job4abrokeback logo

Second on, job4abrokeback, brings two songs to the party and starts with some weird hiphop intro and then blasts into the gorenoise “Yo Why Docasi Look Like Krayzie Bone & Bling Bling Da Crack Head Had A Baby?”, nice and proper. The hip hop positive attitude is evident in some beats here and while I don’t really like such a mixture, it’s OK. The second offering from job4abrokeback is “Dat Nigga Matt Sucks MAD Dog Dix!” and again, you can hear the hip hop influence here, but the song is much better than the first one, thanks to nice drum machine sound. And fucking hell, 2 minutes long, now that’s some song here! As a whole it’s listenable, but still, it will take some time for me to adjust to the hip-hop influenced gorenoise. Or maybe it’s not gonna happen at all, but if that’s your cuppa, then check those two projects and you won’t be disappointed.

Zombie Raiders logo

Last 5 songs belong to old school grindcore/noisegrind and depending on your preference, Zombie Raiders are either the highlight of the split, or the low point. I am going with the former, as currently in the mood for good old school death metal and grindcore. Horror intros are always welcome, the music kills, and although I am really easily pleased, I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed this segment. And also, the subject is also welcome..who doesn’t like zombies, ghosts or Gorgo? 🙂

All in all, the biggest strength of this split is in its variety and with the approach of the first two mentioned projects I am pretty sure I will remember it for a long time.

Are you into gorenoise and similar genres? No? Do you want to? Then give this material a try. In the end of the day, you might fight a hidden gem here.

Download: https://gorenoisesucks.bandcamp.com/album/3-way-split