I’ve received this CD in the joblot I’ve bought, and I was wondering, what the hell is this band about? You know, it’s more like a rockabilly band’s name, but nope this is little heavier.

How much heavier? Well, with 20 tracks on the CD, with total playing time under 30 minutes…grindcore, anyone? Yes, these Americans play grindcore (sometimes sliding towards death/grind), and sometimes it’s more like grinding punk, or punky grind? Don’t know, but this material is catchy as fuck! Proper old school feel (growling with backing screaming vocals) with a great sound – and I am happy as a pig in the shit.

And the best thing is – every track includes a fucking great intro! I love intros! Really, do you remember the time every great album came with an intro? In this case, every song has one and they are as funny and interesting as the songs themselves.

Song titles are kickass too! Well, opening with “Night of the Living, Fucking Dead”, through “Brown Metal”, “Satanic Zombie Massacre”,, “Fuck Me Straight To Hell”, “Preschool Playground Massacre”, “Razor Wire Catheter” or “Corpse Fucking Metal” (and, of course, others), I am sure guys had a lot of fun writing these songs.

It’s really easy – if you like old school grind, you’re gonna like this. If not, then give it a try, you actually might like it. Or not, but your sister might. Or an uncle.

Unfortunately, I can’t find much info about the band, so I guess it’s time to get in touch with the guys to find some nice bits about them, what do you say?