We’re no strangers to Russian underground scene – but we’ve only started to dip in the large reservoir of the sounds and noises coming from there. That’s why I always welcome the opportunity to learn more about various artists/labels from Russia. You could be familiar with Olga Tlen (and you should), and now, let’s welcome another noise artist – Sergey Krechetov.

Hello, Sergey, thanks for the opportunity to do this little interview for the Rubber Axe zine…To start with, what can you tell our readers about yourself?

Sergey Krechetov

Hi brother! now we have big problems, I think they want to forbid us to breathe air for free .. They want to chip us out and eat us, since they almost cleaned up all the natural resources. And from the news about my music, I can say that we have recorded and compiled a new album from the project Naegleria Fowleri. Soon there will be more new material from Hydrocele, thanks!

Well, you have mentioned two of your projects, and as it’s quite normal that many people in the underground are busy with various bands and projects, you are not an exception. So, apart from Naegleria Fowleri and Hydrocele, which other projects/bands are you involved with?

I also do dirty underground rap! In which I pour all my hatred. There are a lot of projects, and all of them under different names, the main project is K1R2CH8T7V. And speaking of heavy music, there were also a bunch of projects in different directions, Black Metal, Goregrind, Breakcore, Ambient, and of course, my main genre is GORENOISE !!!

k1r2ch8t7v (noise hip-hop/other/underground)

Naegleria Fowleri (cybergrind/gorenoise)

Hydrocele (goregrind/gorenoise)

падши-ее-балаи (тамбовский noize-fart с элементами пиролиза)

Letal`naya.d.50 (abstract hip-hop)

Menometrorrhagia (goregrind)

Unaturlig_dod (raw black metal)

Thnno (gorenoise)

Sacrococcygeal Teratoma (gorenoise)

Candidal_vulvovaginitis (gorenoise)

Sergey Krechetov Hydrocele
Hydrocele logo

Wow, that’s quite a lot of things to do!!! Some different genres here as well…so, let’s start with the more known ones..I think we can surely pick Hydrocele as one you are known for. How did you start with it, what was/is your inspiration and what releases have you put out so far?

The Hydrocele project was born in 2012, I came with the guys from Purulent Jacuzzi to record an album, after listening to them I suggested Sasha Fursov make a noisier and unreadable sound in the style of Gorenoise, Sasha agreed and there we recorded our first Ep! I always worked on the sound myself, because I understood that I myself would make a sound that is closer to me. Then it started! In total we released 4 Ep, 3 Demo, 1 Split and 3 live albums. And inspired by Last days of humanity, Anal Birth, Urine Festival and Mortican

What is the response of the public to Hydrocele? What would you say is the impact of this project on gorenoise/goregrind scene?

In Russia, this genre is not particularly developed, there are about 3-4 concerts a year, which of course is not very pleasing, but still there are monsters who organize venues for us to play! there are real fans who make me create. I have been in this genre for about 11 years .. In Russia I can’t get support in releasing my releases and merch, so I work with other countries, many thanks to the real guys from grind supremacy records, goresepsis records! they have done a lot for me, for which I am damn grateful to them!

Yes, although that’s expected, gorenoise is still a very niche, minority, genre in the underground. For those interested – and for beginners also – which of your released materials would you recommend for fans to check?

I want you to listen to our start, this is Ep 2012 and Ep 2014, and very cool stuff came out from our tour in Russia, this is CRUSH KILL DESTROY III TOUR (LIVE 2019)

Sergey Krechetov Hydrocele


You have mentioned a new material from Hydrocele coming soon. What can we expect, will it be different from the previous works, or do you continue in the path already taken?

I think that everything will be in the same pressure as before!

Sergey Krechetov Menometrorrhagia
Menometrorrhagia logo

Well, now for the other more known project….Menometrorrhagia. Actually, which one comes first..Hydrocele or Menometrorrhagia?

Menometrorrhagia – was my first project, we created it with nx5 (Active stenosis). He was then still in Greece, and we did it online, communicating and planning it in skype. nx5 literally trained me and we did it! Now the project is closed, the latest releases were without my participation. Later, the Hydrocele project appeared! Which I already did myself getting drum parts from Sasha

What was that impuls for you to start thinking about making noise?

I think my mental disorders. Listening to commercial music – I was disgusted, because this is not enough soul .. They earn money by receiving instructions from their labels, and they can’t do it their own way, this is complete shit! There are exceptions .. but such units ..

People usually don’t cross genres that much, so to see some gorenoise creator is also doing black metal, or hip hop…that’s quite unusual. So, why those different genres?

I find it difficult to answer this question .. I like different music, the main thing is that it would be from the heart, no matter what genre it is. many performers encourage to do something interesting. as in hip hop Russian guys prompted me to do Мутант Ъхвлам

Well, that’s completely understandable, in the end of the day, we all like different things…I guess the hip hop is quite popular in Russia too…but noise infused hip hop is, I guess, quite a special thing to encounter…But now,a different question I wanted to ask some people as well…

Why the need for so many gorenoise projects…how are they different from each other?

Each of my projects on the subject is associated with a disease, well, and they also have a different sound, real drums or a drum machine. At first I worked alone, then I found guys who are close to me by sound, and we did this shit.

Nice…yes, the reason I am asking is, I am aware of people creating so many projects sometimes…isn’t that sort of degradation of the genre? What do you think?

I do not like to dribble in one genre, although I am completely devoted to the Goregrind genre. I don’t know, I think it’s cool to combine genres.

My bad, I should be more specific…I am thinking of people creating many different gorenoise projects, which, sometimes, don’t sound any different from their previous projects, you know…I mean, what’s the point of having 20 different gorenoise projects by myself? Isn’t that just doing gorenoise for the sake of doing something?

Many projects are no longer operational, I doubted their existence, and began to make new ones, I don’t know brother, I think many who make many projects have had such a problem in their work

Now, let’s talk about future a little..you already mentioned new Hydrocele material coming out…anything else you might be working on at the moment? Do you think the present Covid-19 crisis will have any impact on your future material, any influence?

Yes, this virus does not allow us to publish new material Naegleria Fowleri, and it damn me infuriates, I hope sooooo you will hear this madness, we really did cool material for 18 minutes. while I am engaged in projects in a different genre, while I want to keep this a secret 🙂

Do you have any time to keep track of other gorenoise/goregrind artists and their releases? Anything you can pick up as a great release to recommend?

Honestly, I can’t single out any releases right now, I always listen to old releases, maybe there’s something really cool, but I can’t find the time to listen due to everyday problems.

For those interested to know more about your projects and possibly to get some physical releases, where would you direct them?

I have my releases’ list at my Blogospot http://k1r2ch8t7v.blogspot.com

alseo Bandcamp: https://hydrocele.bandcamp.com

and it’s easier for labels to get in touch with me directly through my FB: https://www.facebook.com/k1r2ch8t7v

Cool!!! That’s definitely helpful! Now, before we are finished with this little interview, let me thank you for your time! All the best! Any last words here?

I’d like to thank you for the questions! It was a pleasure to being interviewed!