Hey, this one’s fucking good! A few days ago UKEM Records has released awesome album by those Mancunians (i.e. Manchester based) and I’ll be damned if I don’t get a good look (ok, the ear actually) to this nice short album.

OK, so what we know….Wolfbastard hails from Manchester, they play blackened d-beat/crust and UKEM has also released their self-titled debut in 2015, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to that one.

Now the second offer is little more than 28 minutes of awesomeness with again a great cover art.

Actually, that might be all, but it isn’t, folks.

Let’s have a look at the some songs I’d recommend (no, let’s be honest, although I like the whole album, especially when walking, I can’t really say that on a proper listen at home all the songs are awesome…and you need a space for improvement, right?).

As mentioned, it’s a blackened d-beat/crust and I so like the energy and primitivity of the songs. True, you can play a fuckin 8-string bass, using 30 pedals or whatever and be a guitar virtuoso, but all that is useless, if music can’t grab you by balls and make you forget everything and just want to throw oneself in the fuckin mosh and go nuts. And Wolfbastard succeed to keep listeners eintertained, that’s for sure.

And if your album starts with song like a-few-chords-and-rythmical-ta-ta-ta-ta-drums’ “Drink fucking beer, hail fucking Satan”, you know you are in for a treat. Did they set the standard on the right level?

That’s usually a mission for a second song, named “Necrophile”, which is basically continuing in the same vein as the opening, but the melodical ending of it is something I wouldn’t really expect from the song like it, and it’s really an unexpected bonus. Hell yeah!

5. song, entitled “North West Sex Pest” starts with a riff we all probably know, it’s proper punkish, and I am like…”heeeey, that one’s familiar!”..and I don’t give damn, as it sounds great.

And just one slot later, with “Goat Orgy” we change to a proper black-thrash metal beat, folks…. From opening bass motive (my favourite!) to a brain melting guitar riff…that’s how to make music you want to listen to again and again!!!

Skippin a few songs (OK, OK…I know) we come to the end with the longest song on the album, 3:50 long “666 Stuttgart Bitch” and I’d like to know something more about that interesting title, lol.

This one is a slower one, and the rhythm doesn’t disappoint.

…and you should go and fucking buy the album. That’s all I can say.