Enbilulugugal – The Day After

Post-apocalyptic themes are always a favourite for many artists, from filmmakers to sculptors, and, of course, musicians are no exception.

Black noise (no, we’re not talking about modern hip hop here) giant Enbilulugugal is known for their goat/serpent/goatserpent worship, therefore the release of the concept album based on the aftermath of a nuclear warfare was certainly a surprise.

But what is true for movies, it’s valid also here. But instead of “OK, we’re gonna make it somehow” positive attitude of many post-apo movies or novels, there is none of it. The atmosphere of the album is indeed bleak and pessimistic, it’s indeed “The Day After”, a movie in a sonic form. A depressive “no future” of The Road meets Threads and all of it is drowned under layers of aural earache Enblilulugugal are known for. Noise? Indeed! Clever? You betcha.

It’ not for everybody, that’s for sure. It’s dirty and painful. And you might not want to listen to this album again. But it’s the closest thing resembling a wave of alpha and gamma radiation you can ever get.

(2013, full-length, Glossolalia Records/Dipsomaniac Records)

Available here: https://enbilulugugal.bandcamp.com/album/the-day-after

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