4 Ways of Unholy Anal Feast With Pivo Consumption Split (split CDr review)

And who would have expected it – another great release from Testicular Records! Yes, after reviewing Ptoma and their nice “Life” release and 5 way split with Shitstench, Stillborn Granny, Anal Property, Blasted Pancreas and Snuff Corpse Vaginal Puke Collector I’ve received another great split (and for the sake of completion I have to say, I’ve got this from Anal Floss Is Boss along the t-shirt I’ve ordered) – and this time we’re going 4 ways! read more

The image of Wolfbastard's album

Wolfbastard – Graveyard Sessions

Hey, this one’s fucking good! A few days ago UKEM Records has released awesome album by those Mancunians (i.e. Manchester based) and I’ll be damned if I don’t get a good look (ok, the ear actually) to this nice short album. read more