Continuing with my discoveries within the great Indonesian metal scene, one of the discs I’ve bought from my friend Dede (Inherited Production) is this nice 2-song promo from Asphyxiate.

Asphyxiate demo 2017 CD

I have to say that the booklet and insert is done more professionally than many bands’ regular releases, so one can really see guys put a lot of effort to their promotion.

As mentioned, the promo CD contains only 2 songs, and – as Mr. Spock would say – it’s only logical we’re back in the realm of brutal death metal, where Indonesia is among those reigning supreme.

“Blood Feast Ripping Putrescent” start with short meaty intro and then straight into the genre we all love, the second song is “Sickening Canvas of The Dead” and both those tracks together will cost you 7:04 of your time – but that time will be well spent.

Asphyxiate band

Musically, it’s a pretty much standard BDM (their last CD was released by New Standard Elite, so here you go). Guys know how to play (they were formed in 1998, so there is a lot of exeperience), and while there is nothing specific to distinguish them from myriad other bands, they are not inferior to more known bands neither. So, in case you wonder, that’s OK with me.

After 3 full-lengths I am anxiously awaiting their new material, in the end of the day, it’s been almost 3 years since this promo was released…well, I guess I’m gonna ask the guys about that (actually I don’t need to, I’ve just checked, their new album should be out early 2020, again from NSE).

Be it as it is, this band doesn’t disappoint and it uphold the high bar set by the Indonesian extreme music scene.

So, if you are a fan of the (still) more exotic bands and you revel in the brutal death metal, this one might be right up your alley. Check them out!