I’ve got in touch with Miles through Instagram when he’d submitted Klast Records compilation “Tunes to Warm Up the Heart” to us for a review (and you could – and still can – read our review here), and because I think the role of the zines is to promote any kind of cultural activity, especially related to a newfly found/started outlets, I haven’t hesitate to shout to Miles with a few questions about Klast Records. Therefore, without any further ado, here we go.

OK, let’s start. For those who’ve never heard of Klast Records and its owner, can you introduce yourself and your label? Where are you hailing from and when did you start operating?

Ok so hey I’m Miles! I’m the co-owner of Klast Records. Klast is this independent punk label from the Midwest and we started up in April of this year.

Klast Records logo

You say “co-owner”, how many owners are there? What was the impulse to start the label in the first place?

There are 2, me and Q which actually helps answer your second question because Q was the man who came up with the label. Originally he wanted to run a label by himself called Wednesday Records but when he got swamped with work I helped take over that idea and manifest it into an actual label. The name change was due to there sadly already being a Wednesday Records.

Well, I guess I like Klast name more. But you haven’t answered the question – why to start a label? Because we both know it’s not an easy task… Does Midwest lack a small independent punk label?

I’m sure the Midwest has lots of small indies but nothing really pops out ya know? I guess it’s just one of those things where we were both like “ok can we make a label with a decent unique line up that can stand out from the rest and potentially offer something better for new bands just starting up”

I hear you! How did you acquire your initial roster of bands? Have you been fans of bands involved, or you went with the demos etc…to sign them?

Well, for the initial line up (the one you hear on the comp) that was all from Reddit. I sent out a couple ads saying we’re a new label who’s looking for some new bands and a couple people messaged us back and got on the Klast train. Now for some of our upcoming releases like Dairokkan and Bad Action Hero and for Undying616 we found them and their music on social media.

So, you start with the compilation “Tunes to Warm Up the Heart”. I know it, because I’ve reviewed it in our webzine. Do you plan to go with digital releases only or any physical releases are also planned?

For now we’re happy with a digital release but in the future who knows?

For those who have no idea about how the record label operates…how does it work? How much time do you spend on the work for the label and what would you say is the most exciting thing running a record label?

So just taking you on the timeline of a release we start by finding a band and contacting them. If they like our label and want to join then we email back and forth what they want to release/specifics of the release (album cover,track list,etc). We get sent all the audio files and then we upload those with the album artwork to bandcamp and Tunecore (the service we use to get on major platforms). Plan out when we want to put out the record and then from there it’s all just marketing and promoting until it goes up. The time varies from release to release but usually it takes about a week or two to get everything planned out and ready to go. The most exciting thing is probably just meeting and talking to all these great bands and being a part of the overall underground scene.

Thanks! What are the plans for the rest of 2019? If I am not mistaken, Eunoia’s album should be out pretty soon too, right?

From now up until the end of September we have an album coming out every 2 weeks. We have Eunoia’s Anthem, Dairokkan’s Now With Wheels (which will be our first physical release), Piss Sink’s Untitled and Bad Action Hero’s Untitled (which will be another physical release).

Well, that’s some kickass stuff to look forward to? Do you also support artists with helping them with organizing gigs, merchandise etc.?

That’s our next big step and hopefully one that will take us a giant leap forward

Are you still accepting submissions from new bands? If so, what genres do you prefer?

We’re always open to bringing in new bands. The best thing about Klast is that we want it to be a diverse label that doesn’t solely stick to one genre. Yeah we call ourselves a “punk” label but you heard our comp, every single artist has such a different taste from death metal to emo to new wave. So a short answer is we want everything that falls under the umbrella of “alternative music”.

Any contact, either e-mail or other for people to contact you, if they are interested to find out more about Klast?

klastrecords@gmail.com or find us on Instagram and private message us from there if that’s easier.

Thanks!!! Well, that would be all for today, but I am quite certain we will meet with you and the Klast Records again soon!! Any final message to the readers of the Rubber Axe webzine?

Keep Laughing And Start Today!!!