That great feeling when you do a mistake in a review! Now, for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about – if you check my review for a nice little compilation by Klast Records – Tunes To Warm The Heart – you’ll notice I’ve had some stuff to say about Eunoia. My mistake? I’ve talked about their vocalist and I’ve thought I am hearing female!!!

OK, a really really honest mistake, folks, but let’s set the record straight and introduce this band/project to you! Please, welcome Jay, the MALE vocalist from Eunoia!

Well, hello and thanks for your time, Jay. Also – let me apologize again for the mistake I’ve made with that remark about a female vocalist. Going to the very basics, what can you tell us about Eunoia? What does the band name mean? Where are you from, when was the band founded and what was the main force behind the decision to form a band? What’s the current line up?

Our band Eunoia was made on February 10th, 2017 at about 5:30pm on a Friday. I don’t really know when I first learned of the word, but obviously I knew of it before 2017. I like words very much, I consider my self a logophile. Eunoia by definition means “well minded; beautiful thinking” it’s also a medical term referring to a state of normal mental health, which is humorously ironic, because I’m quite the opposite from what the definition means. I’m from Mission, TX where it’s Hispanic dominant. The main force behind why I started the band was because I played guitar for about a year, and it was self taught, but I wasn’t taking it seriously. Then I had a crush on a girl, and I was going to ask her out. I told my bassist Danny that if she said “no” I would focus on and take music seriously, and well I’m releasing an album so I think we all know what she said. The current line up of Eunoia is me, Jay(17) guitarist,vocalist, and bassist Danny(16). We currently don’t have a drummer.

Any musical influences you could cite as the inspiration?

I have many musical influences ranging from classical music all the way to black metal. I do like the band Wavves, their music helped in some dark times.

What lyrical themes do you work with in your songs?

In my music I have lyrical themes of depression, abandonment, pressures of society, heartbreak, and being misunderstood. It’s mostly all negative, but the message I’m trying to convey is that I understand, we all have problems and it’s okay to talk about it. I would like to connect with the people, and fans who feel like this, I want to help. 

On the earlier mentioned compilation you’ve presented two songs of yours. How did you get in touch with Klast Records and its owner, Miles? What can you tell us about that co-operation and the plans for the future?

It was a very cosmic event. Nah, but it felt like that. I had released an Ep on SoundCloud called “Feelings” and it did okay I was satisfied with its small success, and I have my friends to thank for that, shout out to them. I was in Spanish class and I really wanted to be on a label, so I went on Reddit looking for one, and on r/newbands I found a post saying they had made a label and for bands to join. I sent an email with a link to the Ep, and he sent an email back saying he liked it. I then showed him a very early version of my album and I think he said it was too repetitive. That was in April, then June came along and I was pretty down about my music, and I was talking about it with my friend who I’m aware told you they’re my manager haha. Shout out to her for being there for me. Anyway, me and my friend were talking about it and after we were done it was late at night, and all of a sudden I get an email from the label saying they were checking in. That was strange to me especially the timing, but hey the universe will provide. My debut album comes out on August 16th, and in 2020 I would like to release a compilation album and maybe my second Ep.

What is the response to the band being on that compilation?

We think it’s amazing, and I am very appreciative for the opportunity.

For most of the bands, playin live is a really substantial part of existence. Any live performances you could mention to our readers? Any remarkable or memorable ones?

Well it’s very difficult to perform live especially when we don’t have a drummer haha, we would like to perform soon though.

What new material do you have in works at the moment? Any plans to release a proper physical CD or different physical release? Any possible merchandise for people liking the band?

Well I’m working on a compilation album right now called “Flaws” it’ll probably be released next year (2020). It’s not a follow up to “Anthem” though. I’m also working on making shirts, and I’m finding a way to get my music in vinyl records and cd.

If you could recommend any local bands from your area, which ones would they be? Any good local labels, music avenues worth checking?

The music scene here is dead! Well at least the rock scene is. I’m not claiming to be the first rock band here, I’m simply saying there is not enough rock bands here!