Fresh from the toilet coming a new international gorenoise project Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and not surprisingly, that’s two guys I know! The noise is handled by Longrio Ronghang from India, the seasoned gorenoise/goregrind fanatic known from Coagulopathy or Regoregitated Sacrifice, and the bubbling vokills are done by none other than Pawel Harmaciński, who’s behind such maniacal projects like Bestial Pokemonophile, E-DROPS or absolutely impronouncionable Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Multifocal Lymphangioendotheliomatosis (where the fuck you’ve got that name from, Paweł?). By the way, you can check the interview I’ve done with Paweł here.

That’s 25 tracks for your gorenoise soul with a lovely titles like “Disemboweled Bitches in the Ditches” or “Severe Fetal Extraction From A One Month Old Pregnant Whore” and while less experienced readers might faint just reading this, we know that our Hypersensitivity duo had to have a lot of laugh coming up with such titles. Well, that’s half of the fun doing gorenoise, y’know?

Musically, that’s standard material by all counts, so if gorenoise is your genre, you will like it, otherwise, as usual, stay away (or maybe, just try it, you might fall in love with it). The only dislike goes to unnerving play with the volume knob. Once it might be interesting, repeating it’s not so.

Other than that, it’s a nice little release. It’s available in digital only (well, at least for the time being), so you know where to look for it. You do, right?