Time to review another Enbilulugugal release, what do you say? Believe me or not (but check for yourselves), this one is as of today one of my favorite Enbilulugugal releases.

And rightfully so! Black noise maniacs just got more approachable with delving themselves into death/grind territory, which is quite unusual, but heartwarming.

Enbilulugugal Tomhet split

Although known more for the disharmonies and aforementioned black noise polution, Izedis has managed to present solid three pieces of death/grind, although still rooted in noise, mainly through distorted vokills (and it needs to be mentioned those songs are taken from Kardiak Attakk EP). Catchy tunes and simple melodies (this part of sentence just made me laugh, but yes, even underground extreme genres can offer melodies) add to the nicely done mix no one of those really wanting to explore the obscure and fringe should pass over. And although we might lament of Enbilu‘s material to consist only of three songs, they clearly show band‘s ability to write interesting material. Highly recommended!

Second part of this split CD belongs to Canadian outfit Tomhet and unlike death/grind/noise mayhem of Cali noise blasphemers we are slowly slipping into the black ambient category. Ah, haven‘t listened to material like this for ages! Slightly over 20 minutes of getting lost in the vast emptiness of dark void, lost memories and depressive thoughts are just what doctors may order for a troubled soul of yours truly (OK, now I‘m lying, I have no soul). Slow in almost funeral doom „speed“, lamenting vocals and pressing keyboard tunes help blasting cymbals to create almost ritualistic atmosphere of despair and loneliness. Just fucking perfect, if you ask me!

Enbilulugugal Tomhet split

If you want a solid piece of extreme musick in your collection and – most importantly – in your ear, I guess you can still snatch some physical release (very limited to begin with) from Dipsomaniac Distilleries run by Izedis.