The beauty of discovering new music, that‘s how I can describe this release. Stroszek‘s „A Break In the Day“ is a beautiful, melancholic and haunting piece of art. An absolutely fantastic accoustic neofolk brought to life by Claudio Alcara, a member of Frostmoon Eclipse, originally released by Dipsomaniac Records in July 2011 as a digital download.

A break in the day

And boy, what an album this one is. In it‘s digital release, it contains 5 songs (4 and 1 bonus) and clocks in over 21 minutes, but it also has its physical release through Pest Productions as a digitpack CD with 4 bonus tracks.

Hypnotic in it‘s monotonous repeating of simple, yet effective melodies, if one likes to close their ones and just floats on emotions and feelings, this one is definitely an album to recommend. Add to it a rainy October morning and a steaming cup of coffee or tea, and you have an atmosphere one just can‘t resist.

A Break In the Day Claudio Alcara

The subtle pairing of Claudio‘s guitar playing and Nat‘s dreamlike, heavenly vocals, creating a perfect harmony, makes it really hard to pick a favourite song here. And – they all sound very similar to each other, yet they are different. But I‘d probably pick „Green Jade“ and „Secret of the Earth“ (just listen to Nat‘s vocal here, it‘s like an angel singing) as two tracks which really have caught my attention.

If you search for music to express your soul, to feel your emotions materialize in an audio form, pick Stroszek.

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