Country or origin? Poland. It doesn’t automatically mean you could expect absolute quality, of course, but in the case of WYROK it just confirms that Polish metal scene is really going strong.

Yes, you really can expect quality thrash-death from this long existing band and although I haven’t the opportunity to listen to the previous debut album (nor demo), I am glad this latest offering from 2018 got my attention.

Wyrok band picture

Actually, the opening “To The Last Drop of Blood” kinda caught me unawares, as it has sounded like their countrymen Cemetery of Scream. But don’t get fooled, while CoS is great melodic doom/death, Wyrok, as already mentioned, plays great sounding thrash-death.

Sure, they might not bring anything new to the table, but who gives a shit? Guys play from 1983, with first and only demo put out in 2007, so there was a plenty of time to become seasoned musicians and it shows. So as long as you combine musicianship with a proper dose of agression, you can’t go wrong.

And what I can say about songs? Well, album contains 10 songs, and there is one, “Renegat”, sung in Polish, and to make things even better, it finishes with Ace of Spades cover (Do I need to mention the original creators? 🙂 ) Add to the mix a guest appearance of Piotr Śledziński from black/doom group Xanthe and you have almost 43 minutes well spent by listening to some great sounding music.

And btw, it’s on Bandcamp and you just can’t resist the price of it (5 Polish zloty, which is something like 1 GBP). Give the guys a listen and support them with some coins!

Bandcamp page: