Good things come to those who wait, the saying goes. And it’s no exaggeration when I say that I’ve almost given up of having Desi’s answers in the Rubber Axe webzine, but sometimes just things have their own peculiar way to reach us.

Be it as it is, I am glad I can introduce our readers to Desi and Dethbridge Records…so, here we go, people!

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Desi Wood, I am from Lethbridge Alberta, Canada. I am the founder of “Dethbridge Records” a self-operated local production company in Lethbridge.

Desi Wood

How did you get into the extreme metal music? What would you consider the very first record you’d say…that was it, that was what’s got me into metal?

I was raised in a very music orientated household. My father was big into Classic Rock, he always had something playing in the background. (Bands like “Led Zeppelin”, “Jimi Hendrix” and “Deep Purple”.) I found myself being more attracted to the heavier side of the genre. Bands such as “Slayer”, “Iron Maiden” and “Megadeth” got me started on a path that would keep me searching for more, which constantly lead me into a heavier and darker side of music. I can’t point out just one album that made me think “That’s it.” it was really just a collection of albums with great guitar riffs that seemed to had made up my mind for me.

I’ve got to know you via your one man band/project Necrofuckphilia, so let’s start our conversation with it. What can you tell us about its beginnings?

“Necrofuckphilia” began a few years after having already been in the metal scene with my two bands “Abceassed” and “Commit Suicide”. I had been listening to “Cemetery Rapist” and “Cephalotripsy” which, eventually, inspired me to create “Necrofuckphilia” in 2012.

Desi Wood Necrofuckphilia

Necrofuckphilia’s discography, the official one, is just two releases, the 2014 “Cunt Slam Her With a Sledgehammer” and 2018 4-way split with Gorepot, Bong Rips For Jesus and Syphilic Diarrhea, titled “Girls, Guts, Ganja”. Considering outputs of similar one man bands/projects…why such a great pause in releasing the material? Also, talking about discography, what can you tell us about the 2012 demo “Force Fed Fecal Feed”? I see it was released digitally, do you think about putting it on physical media as well?

The pauses in between the albums are largely due to the fact that I find myself having to be in a certain state of mind for certain projects, and when I get started on one project I like to see it through instead of switching back and forth between them. Becoming a father has also put a bit of a hold up on finding enough time to be able to get everything finished in a short time frame. As for the demo for “Force Fed Fecal Feed”, I do plan on making a physical copy hopefully sometime in the near future. The reasoning behind having the others done first is because I had taken a few of the tracks off of the demo and placed them into “Cunt Slam Her With a Sledgehammer” and had seen that more people seemed interested in that.

The debut album is interesting, basically every song except intro is a collaboration with some other artist from the BDM genre. How has this idea come about? Has it been actually planned that way or has it just evolved into the final form? Also, as the album is sold out, do you ever plan a re-press of it to appease those who haven’t been able to buy it yet?

Having all the guest features was planned out from the beginning. I always liked seeing other BDM albums having a track with a featured artist. I also wanted to incorporate some of my biggest inspirations of the BDM genre, and what better way to do to than having them all be a part of it! I would love to be able to re-press the album for the people that were not able to grab it.

Desi Wood Necrofuckphilia 4way split

That was 2014. What has prompted you to release the 4-way split in 2018 and what can you say about the response received to it?

The idea for a 4-way split had already been tossed around in my mind for quite some time, and I figured that it would be a great follow-up to “Cunt Slam Her With a Sledgehammer”.

And as for the response, I would have to say that it was the most successful “Necrofuckphilia” album that has been released.

As for the BDM material, what are the plans for Necrofuckphilia for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

I am aiming to release a new album in 2020.

Desi Wood Dethbridge logo

It’s interesting to see you’re actually releasing all your material through your label, Dethbridge Records (which is a nice play on Lethbridge, where you come from). Getting this piece of info from Metal Archives, according to which you’ve started Dethbridge Records after Christmas 2012. Of course, I can’t help but ask…why this date? Bad Christmas season, so you were gonna spice it up a little?

Hahaha. Actually, I had been working on the idea of starting up my own label in order to support and keep a better track of the different projects that I was a part of/producing for other local artists. It was just a coincidence that it was put into action just after Christmas that year. The name “Dethbridge Records” was both a play on Lethbridge and a slight tribute to the spelling of “Megadeth”.

We’ve already talked about it, Dethbridge Records (and Lethbridge as a place of residence) it also made some of your “fans” to joke about Methbridge, basically accusing you of being a meth user. What can you tell us about such accusations?

I can truthfully say that I have never done meth. Like most young musicians (or just young people in general back then) I admit to having experimented just a couple of times with mushrooms and cocaine. But I couldn’t find myself going any further than that. It wasn’t my thing. I would rather just stick to smoking weed! (It’s great living in a legal country!) Hahaha

Ov Enochian logo

Before Necrofuckphilia you were active in Ov Enochian. As this was totally different style (black metal, for those who haven’t got it), why did you decide to change style and go slamming?

As I had mentioned in a previous question, I started out playing Black Metal before I got into the BDM scene. And as for Ov Enochian, that is a project that I produce for a friend (Jeffery Brookes A.K.A “The Priest”). I have, however, stepped in as a live session member a couple of times, in recent years, as it is produced as a one man project.

Desi Wood Skroth

Another black metal band of yours, which is still active, is Skroth and it doesn’t take much time to realize it is dedicated to the world/mythology of G. R. R. Martin’s The Song of Ice and Fire. Now, that seems like a new realm of inspiration besided Tolkien…you’re apparently a fan, but have there been any other reason to start “Game of Thrones” related band?

I’ve always enjoyed bands with a theme based around mythical worlds (such as “The Summoning” for example) and after a budding interest in “Game of Thrones” I had the idea of possibly creating my own. I had done some searching and found that there had not yet been a band with such a theme. So I decided to go ahead with the idea.

Skroth’s – to this day – only album sees actually 4 different releases since its initial Bandcamp release in 2014. Why going to such lengths for this album? Anything else prepared for Skroth in the near future?

The original release of “Skys Over Westeros” was very well received. I had people asking for another release. Because of this reaction, I got the idea to release in different formats for the different preferences of the fans, as well as enabling enough people to own a physical copy of their own. As for the future of Skroth, we will just have to wait and see! 😉 -wink-.

But you were active/part of quite a few other bands and projects apart from those mentioned. Can you briefly tell us about those, the material you have worked on with those….?

I’ve mentioned a few of the other projects in past questions. Those mentioned are probably the largest part of my career. Aside from others that I only produce.

For those interested, my main projects are:

– Commit Suicide

– Abceassed

– Skroth

– Necrofuckphilia

There have also been some projects that I’ve only done one or two albums with. Those include:

– Filleted Whore

– Jesus Loves Anal

– Chainsaw Harakiri

– Black Manifest and a few others.

And apart from being a musician and record label owner, you were/also producer for not a few releases. Which one of these would you consider your best one and why, and which one do you think you would do differently now…

Are you talking from the prospective of a producer? If so, I would have to say that Skroth has been my best production for metal released, so far. I’ve been working on something recently that, I believe, has the best quality of work I have done. But this has yet to be released – and currently has no set time of release.

Curious question – who’s the lady on the cover of Abceassed album? 😊

The lady on the cover… Her name is Trish, she was a friend of Daniel Miller’s (the man on the cover). I’m not sure if I have permission to share her full name here, so I’ll just leave it out.

Now that might be interesting… What’s picked my curiosity was the mention of Dethbridge “Rap Division”…what the hell is that? Also I’ve seen the mention of some diss track from one artist to another (well, that’s the definition of diss, lol). Can you share with us some more info about all this?

Dethbridge Records had been recognized by local artists, but not just within the metal scene. I had been asked by different people to use my skills on their genres as well. Most of them were local hip hop/rap artists. At first I was slightly hesitant of the idea, but I decided to give it a try and soon found that my skills of production actually excelled within those genres. Aside from the mentioned material that has not been released yet, I believe that this genre has been some of my best work. Through widening Dethbridge Records production with different genres, I have learned new skills and I’ve found myself getting better. The reasoning behind Dethbridge Records “Rap Division” was a way of keeping things separate. A way of making it easier for the fans to listen to the genre of their choice.

As for the diss tracks, as a producer, I produce for multiple local artists. However, the diss track had been produced elsewhere. Both sides of the diss were artists that I work with, but just so people know, I had nothing to do with the diss tracks. I like to think as those involved/ a part of Dethbridge Records as a family. Most of us are very close friends.

Well, I think we’ve covered all bases for today, any final message to the readers of the Rubber Axe webzine?

I would just like to thank Rubber Axe Webzine and you, Rudolf, for the honor of being a part of this.

Keep your eyes open for new material from Dethbridge Records! I’d also like to apologize for my taking so long to get this out there! I really appreciate being selected!