And after somewhat acceptable tunes for a majority of metalheads in a form of Horrible Creatures’ latest EP, I’ve had the pleasure (no matter how questionable) to jump head first into the nice dark brown waters of goregrind/porngrind underground.

Because one band is never enough, when one longs to endulge the genre, here comes Injecting Krokodil Into A Dead Dog Productions from Norway with their 4-way split all about anuses and aliens. What’s not to like here!

First to experience is Transorbital Piss Orgy, or TxPxO for short and the 4 songs this project contributes to this comp, namely “Welcome To Planet Fucktoy’ed”, “Tittyfucking The Galaxy”, “Snorting Cosmic Space Dust” and “Comet in Her Assteroid On The Sexoplanet”. Nice pig growls, distorted bass, primitive drum programming and basic guitar riffing, exactly as we like it, plus the weird song titles and sound effects to make it even better. “Snorting Cosmic Space” is the fave tune here.

Alien Cow Abduction follows and I sure have no idea about the song titles, as they are in Spanish and I am too lazy to use Google Translate. The first song “El Alien Sexual ve que tienes el Brillo Sano de un Manitl Embarazado para proceder a un Masaje Semi Desnudo Completamente Heterosexual” (kid you not, this is the song title) sound like a complete noisecore demo though, weird enough, it’s just drums and gutturals…hmmm….followed by “El Alien Sexual ve que tienes el Brillo sano de un Maniti Embarazado para” with a proper Spanish porn intro. Even better than the real thing! Here you can also hear a bass, the music is chaotic and all over the place. Third song here is “La Vaca Masoquista”, also with 16 seconds long intro, little outro and honestly, this project sounds boring by now. Luckily, the last one from AxCxA is “Peter the Kid Vs El Semental”. This songs sounds more like a drum rehearsal, so make your own opinion.

Halftime is over, now let’s see what Vaginal Abduction can offer. We are in the same musical area as TxPxO, but with more drowned sound, the tupa-tupa more present (but I don’t object to that) and the first song by the title “Infeccion Alienovaginal”. It’s even melodic!

“Orgia En La Nave Nodriza” follow the same route, and only with “Tuberculoaliendofobia” we have a little change (but just a little). The tempo is slowish (even the fast parts – relatively speaking – are on the slow side), however, better than AxCxA, so one can proceed.

The last to the party is Zuckass and now we’re talking….This is a proper Star Wars-themed goregrind/porngrind, with songs “Obie Wanna Blow Me”, “C3PeeHoles” and “Rainus More Anus”, and the best of the projects featured here.

Summed up, not a bad compilation, if only to showcase people’s various projects, but to be completely honest, the only ones of any serious interest would be TxPxO and Zuckass. As always, just my two cents, so don’t beat me 🙂