Some time ago my friend Ganzy from the Czech hardcore band Konfront (regular readers might recall the review of their album “Individuality” in the Rubber Axe) has sent me this digital promo to review and I think to clear the backlog I have amassed during my little break, it’s time to give it a listen, what do you think? Yeah, I knew you’d agree.

Horrible Creatures hail from Czech Republic, namely from the region of Karlovy Vary and “Internal Decline” EP is their 3rd official release so far. For a band founded in 2010 it might be surprising that their output so far consists of only 2 EPs and one full-length, but we’re not in the contest of who can release the most releases in the shortest amount of time.

Musically we are in thrash/death metal waters, EP consists of 4 songs with 15:01 total playtime.

And thrash/death metal you’re gonna get. Guys do know how to create catchy songs, so those 15 minutes will be well spent.

From the opening “Unprocessed” reeking with the stench of the Florida death metal riffs and in parts evoking the spirit of one Chuck S. (to which I give my thumb up), through massive 5:37 long “Artificial Death” (which, I’d say, could be a little shorter, but that’s only my opinion, so that it with a pinch of salt), and bulldozing the audience with “Human Remains”, releasing in just 2 minutes all the anger and frustration of the generation upon the listeners. And if you don’t have enough, the final “DSOM” with some nice hardcore vibes and choruses will put a cherry on the top of this musical session.

Personally, I prefer those two last songs over the first one, but I’d put it down to the current mood. Yeah, we all need to ventilate our feelings (and with all that pandemic shit over us, it’s no surprise there’s not much happy ones around) and those are exactly what a doctor would order.

It’s hard to say which way guys from Horrible Creatures will go, but whatever direction they’d choose, I am pretty confident their future output shouldn’t disappoint.

Check their music at: