Dear God, no!!!! Not another Enbilulugugal review! Unfortunately, yes, your worst nightmare came true and we’re jumping headlong into the black muddy swamp of black noise to bring you the experience of the lifetime.

What to say about this demo? Well, Izedis and Nebiru (R.I.P) were apparently busy and not long after their debut demo “Satanic Killing of Christ in the Pagan Forest on the Fullmoon Night” they have released their second attack on your ears with the catchy title of “Goatsodomy”. Kvlt through and through, if you ask me.

6 tracks in total length of 14:46 and if you think they can evolve…well, you might be in for a surprise.

The opening track or sort of an intro, “Hymnovaction of the Frostdemon Hellcult” starts with ripped off “Previes of the coming attractions” trailer intro music morphing itself into an omnious sounding soundscape of doom. It’s like telling you “Beware, you who enter!” without any words. So you better be ready, this is not any trendy shit you can just jump in and have fun.

From the nuclear battlefield inspired sounds we’re getting straight into the great ole static black noise the way Enbilulugugal does it best. “Bestial Warfucked Blasphemy” is absolutely insane and chaotic track with a fucking great title. You hardly recognize any instruments, and maybe there are not any (kidding, there is a guitar, you can tell), but who the fuck knows (apart from Izedis). His insane vokills are present though, that’s for sure.

And what’s better than one insane track? Right, more insane tracks! “Goatfucked Necrosodomy Satanic Hellkilling” continues the trend (hmm..should I use this word, or am I offending the anti-trend basement elitists?) of destroying your eardrums. What’s interesting here is the fact, that under the layers of distortion, static and Izedis’ vokills you can clearly recognize Nebiru’s the ability to play guitar. The sound reminds me of audio-tape being caught in the tape-player. Awesome memories (now, back then it’s simply sucked).

“Blasphemous Summoning of Baphoritual Demons” adds that nice darkwave soundscape to the usual mix and along with the colorful song title it’s the longest track (and longest title) of this demo. And I probably like it the most. I am not sure about the music ancient Babylonian deities used to listen to, but I guess quite a few of them would wear Enbilulugugal t-shirts today with pride. But seriously, fucking great track.

You know why your songs suck? Because they don’t have great titles, dude!!! Now, consider this as inspiration: “Satanic Winter of Baphohell Demongoats”. Got it? No? I have no idea what the hell is going on, but this song evokes the wave of screaming insane ghosts coming in the black fog. I still consider the implementation of background soundscape a surefire recipe for success, also the ocassional spoken word as caught by yours truly adds to the atmosphere, if one can talk about atmosphere here.

And the last of the apocalyptic songs is aptly titled “Apocalyptic Heathenstorm” and it’s a slow, darkwave/noise track which is just hell. Izedis spilling his lungs out, screaming like insane maniac in the long forgotten asylum, the keyboards notes dancing around like mad witches around the fire. If you persisted to the very end, you are truly a music connosieur!

For those interested to test your mental strength, you can download the demo here.