Turkey is nowadays mentioned more because of their country leader Erdogan than anything else, but as the Rubber Axe tries (and so far, successfully) to keep its distance away from politics or religion, we’re gonna have a look at the Turkey’s contribution to music – especially, the underground.

There’s a new black metal band called Seed of Cain and I was asked by the band member to review it’s debut EP titled “The Gracious Misery”. Well, can I resist a polite request? Nope, although it’s taken a little while.

Seed of Cain

It’s always fascinating to see the combo of drummer/vocalist in the extreme metal, as just to think of the extra energy to be put into these…man, my hat’s off. And that’s exactly what we have here in the person of Sazakan, who, judging from his credits over at the Encyclopedia Metallum, is a pretty busy guy.

Anyway, “The Gracious Misery”. It contains 3 tracks, first two – “Purify Darkness Within” and “The Gracious Misery” are proper nice black metal songs in the second wave of BM-style – and the last one, “Infinite Darkness” is a darkwave song/outro.

All this in 11:22. How does it sound? Well, it’s fast, it’s melodic and I like it. The opening “Purify Darkness Within” sets a great atmosphere and this only multiplies with the second song, aforementioned “The Gracious Misery”.

The darkwave outro would not be lost in some future Diablo game, and even as a stand-alone track it’s great, however, I would probably welcome more straightforward BM songs, because just 2 of those is simply not enough. Well, it’s the EP, we have to accept that. That’s the only downside here though, but from what I could hear, I think I will keep an eye on Seed of Cain. This is the BM I like – fast and melodic…simply beautiful.

Check it here: https://seedofcain.bandcamp.com/releases