So you’ve been craving some more gorenoise, you say? Good, as I have some goodie for you right now!

As you might know, Stefano from Sialorrhoea Production is also behind some good gorenoise projects, one of these is Miastenia Gravis, and I’ve already reviewed his split with Necrocyst, so he’s definitely not new to my ears. And you might remember I’ve praised his output, as – truth to be told – he’s amongst the more interesting artists doing gorenoise these days. Some could say that’s not a big deal, but believe me, it is.

So Stefano teamed up with Zen Lopex (who also runs Causticity Productions) and one of his projects, this time K9 Hemorrhoids, to bring up this nice split.

Running in total of 13:19, Miastenia Gravis opens it with the track “Iatrogenic Penetrating Injuries of The Thoracic Aorta”, presenting 4:01 of rhytm-based gorenoise. Yes, not much changed from the previous split mentioned above, and the therapeutic/relaxing qualities I’ve mentioned previously are still here. Good track!

K9 Hemorrhoids take care of the rest, with 9:18 long song “Total Power Electronics” and the output is true to the name. The mixture of computer generated sounds (which remind me of my attempts of doing computer “music” back in the day with my old Atari 800XE, lol), rhytmic section and proper disharmonic noise, with occasional, very brief, hints of deep buried melody, up to the earaching passages of clean monotonous signal…you’re getting the full package here.

This material is certainly not for everyone – while I’d say Miastenia Gravis’ track would be good for the introduction to the genre, Zen’s output, especially due to its length, would please mainly the seasoned listeners.

That being said, it’s another great release being co-released by these two DIY labels and if you’re into the gorenoise/power electronic stuff, you shouldn’t just pass it over.

Miastenia Gravis/Sialorrhoea Production:

K9 Hemorrhoids/Causticity Productions: