Acid Shower and Holy Co$t are two more bands I am not familiar with, but got the CD with the package I’ve bought from Olga Lazarus (check my interview with this active female) from Thoracophagus Records (and you can be sure I’ll go through it all eventually).

Good things with that package was – I hardly knew any bands or projects there, which is an advantage, as there are no imminent favorites, so any pick is as good as the other one. Well, I’ve picked aforementioned Acid Shower / Holy Co$t split. Let’s have a lookie at it, what do you say?

Acid Shower is a three-piece goregrind from Toronto (Ontario, Canada) and with a great intro to start with, these guys bring up an uncompromising goregrind to boot. Yeah, no fooling around, this is a serious business. You expect song titles? Fools, like you’re gonna get them lol.

I love the sound, I always love when the bass is the driving force in the music, and along with the ping snare it’s an unresistible duo. The intro/intermezzos are from some rap stuff or what, but it’s up to you if you like it or no. Personally I don’t care, but I prefer horror/porn intros, but I agree, those are 12 in a dozen, and why not to be a little different. So, that’s that.

Last two songs here are covers, first it’s “Fatal Anal Sex Disembowelment” originally by Neuro-Visceral Exhumation, followed by “Finger Facs, Fingering Faeces” originally by Foetopsy.

All in all, nice, short split side, you won’t be bored and more likely pleased by this, so I guess you will play it a few more times.

Holy Co$t is another band of three musicians and they start with an intro from some piss fetish porn movie, and then music of “Down With the Pissness”! It’s pig squeels, gutturals and the great sounding porngrind!

What I like is that the length of songs here are longer than Acid Shower’s offering, so you can enjoy the fun longer!

9 songs full of great intros, middle-song intermezzos or outros plus the serious porngrind, with the best song definitely be “Pornogrind City”, what a banger of song! We’re in the groove, baby! But their whole material here is recommendable, and yeah, just for the sake of completeness, the last two songs are live recordings – “Feel” and “PPP” from November 10th, 2018 in Quebec.

That’s 27 minutes of your live you’re not gonna regret spending listening to this material. I like Holy Co$t’s part little more than Acid Shower, however, that doesn’t mean I want to put Acid Shower down.

All said and done, get that CD while you can, or cry later checking Discogs prices.

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