Another project of Lukáš “Pórek” Šťastný, regular readers of the Rubber Axe webzine might recall our review of Tupagasm’s demo 2019, which is also done by Lukáš. So, as I like the other one, I haven’t hesitated a second to get this one playing. And for the complete info, this was released in 2017.

Pórek Vagina is pretty much standard goregrind one-man show. And while it might mean anything from totally awful to fucking genius, I have to say – it’s somewhere….oooover the rainbooooow! No, I am just getting silly here. It’s a fucking goregrind, what the hell you expect?

Just a deco pic for In Grind We Trust
Yeah, we agree!

7 tracks (or, better still, 6 + intro) of tupa tupa goregrind the way I like. Guttural, with heavy bass, and ocassional audio samples. Hey, ain’t gonna complain here!

Although, to be honest, I don’t really understand people having a gazillion of projects basically doing the same stuff over and over, but I guess it’s a part of the charm apparently. Be it as it is, I dig it, and I will go on record.

After the intro we’re introduced to, I guess, a sample from the trailer of “Antichrist” (I might be wrong here tho, so don’t quote me on that), and then you either put the volume up, or switch off. Depending, of course, on your attitude towards goregrind (for example, my better half goes with the second option, but, well, we all have a choice). “Sadistic Story” is quite a great simple song, not really the tupa tupa I’ve mentioned, but we’re gonna get there, because…

….the tupa tupa is “Good Girl”, but the riffing is a killer! Vocals sometimes sound like a pissed off rotweiller, which is a step forward from the obvious pig squeels and guttural murmur.

But “New Way of Gore”…well, that was little boring one, to be honest. I like the bassline, but that’s quite not enough to like the song as a whole. Nevermind, it doesn’t last long.

A cover of Pork Vagina 2017 album "New Way of Gore"
It really says it all on the cover.

Some fuckin you want? Then “HardGore” starts exactly as you want and then…well, surprise, motherfuckers! A much better tupa tupa than “New Way of Gore” and some nice effect on the drums.

Hello, wait a second!! The plastic computer drums in “A Forrest Fuck Fest” it’s absolutely surprising, along with the rest of the song (OK, the vokill is as expected, but the songwriting is great).

Last one? That is “Fresh Pussy Fillet”, again starting with a great audio sample. Chop, chop, chopity-chop and we’re back in the sweaty meaty moshpit. Damn, this one should go with that fast tempo all the way!!! Not that I mind change in tempo, not at all, but the slow passage here is not as appealing as the fast stuff preceding it. Or maybe I am too demanding, who can tell, right?

Pórek Vagina fulfills the expectation. It’s like a nice small chocolate bar. You know how the ingredients taste, you know how the whole bar tastes…and that’s why you like it! Expecting everytime the same and you’re getting it. Why should you complain, right? That’s exactly this project – you’re getting all you wanted, and then you come back craving more. Goregrind choco-snack it is. I approve.

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