This one should be reviewed quite a few weeks ago. Mea culpa, people, but…well, you know. Life. Life happens and when it does, it’s never funny.

However, we’re here not to read my laments about not to ditch the sleep and all the other distraction altogether and just listen/watch/write, but to get some insight about an album I’m gonna review, right? In this case, let’s hop on it.

Praselizer hails from the good ole Czech Republic and just in case you don’t know, they play – surprise, surprise – goregrind (with a little of excrement on the side). The Czechs have a great name for that, they called it “prasopal” and although it’s hard to translate, it fits as a glove.


And talking about translation…the song titles are originally in Czech language and they are just siiiiiick…Of course, you have song titles in English on BLP Bandcamp page, but once seen in Czech, they won’t be unseen (it’s really an advantage to know Czech language).

Musically – high quality goregrind, no doubt about that. Personally, I prefer simpler stuff (no insults here), and Praselizer’s output caught me by my heart. Pig squeels are top notch, growling detto and my personal favorite thing to mention are those few hardcore/punkish riffing passages, like the one in “Clitoris Masturbation of a Dead Swine in a High Rate of Decomposition on a Roof of Latin Church Vicary” and a few others. Also, I don’t want to forget to mention funny intros, which are in Czech language (have someone already mentioned Czech language here?), and they just add to the merry mood of both the band and listeners.

Praselizer in studio

One might argue there’s nothing new musically, well, it’s goregrind, but who cares? I’d compare it to a good hamburger – once you like it, it doesn’t really matter what quality shop sells it. And believe it or not, Praselizer is a good producer and “Fæcal Addiction” a very juicy thing, but I think it won’t be a overstatement to say that majority of Czech (damn! No more!) scene is simply fuckin fantastic. So taste this tasty treat with no hesitation, you know you’ll like it!

Get it via Bizzare Leprous Production here: