For today’s review I’ve chosen this nice split released this year (2019) by Causticity Productions. As I’ve already had the pleasure of listening to some gorenoise and I knew the fame (or infame, it’s up to you) of the label, I was quite interested in what those two projects had to offer.

First, there is Feline Hemorroids, which is project of Zen Lopex, the relentless figure behind the Causticity Productions brand.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised – this lean more towards the industrial noise/very light HNW (I simply don’t now how to explained otherwise), its almost 5 minutes (4:57 to be precise) went really fast, and I surely don’t mind to listen to it again. But thinking about it – isn’t that a mark of not that good noise? That’s something to think about, right, my fellow noise lovers? But I think – as I am dealing with this kind of material, it’s easily embraced and I am sure I can recommend it to the newcomers.

HxPxS is one of the Ivar Gore Malm’s projects (check the interview with the man!) and compared to Feline Hemorroids is more on the harsh side of noise, with an interesting spoken intro. But that is where the comparison ends, HxPxS actually has some resemblance of songs (at least it sounds to me like there are a few songs put together), but both of those projects offer quite interesting material and one would be hard pressed to pick a favourite here. This one is probably not on the “accesibility to the gorenoise newbies” as Feline Hemorroids are, but with the combination of the aforementioned it creates a balanced “diet” (if you will) to actually experience different levels of gorenoise creativity.

Of course, I have to assume you are actually able to appreciate gorenoise. If not, stay away from this.

For those interested, unfortunately, I have no idea about its current availability, but I’d guess the best shot is to get in touch with Causticity Productions or Discogs.