Those guys wrote to me back in July, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do anything about it – until now. I guess we’d all agree it’s about time to kick that depression in the ass and get going again.

Anyway, enough about me. Disperser hails from New Jersey and plays USBM. So you know.

The demo contains 3 tracks, with the first one, “Lesser Stars”, being a kind of instrumental intro intervined with voices of desperation and pain, and it nicely prepares you for what’s gonna follow.

The second track, “Beggar King” brings out the material in its true form. Somewhat lo-fi recording is actually welcome here, not to hide any imperfections – shame on you if you’ve though that for a second – but to add to the atmosphere.

The song is quite short (2:36), so it basically only sketches the ability of the band to write good songs, but you’ll get and enjoy a strong bass line (again, you would remember I love that instrument), with a great painful vocals somewhere in the midfield of DSBM range (I am not really a fan of the genre, but this vocalist is spot on!) and…

…on the third track, “Splintered Ladders”, also the strange melodies of the guitar, which translates the pain into the musical notes.

Don’t know about you, but although I try to avoid depressive stuff these days (mental health can be a bitch), once in a while it’s actually good to delve into this genre.

Guys should release their first full-length this autumn, and if it’s anywhere as fine as this demo, I’ll listen to it. You should too.