The gorenoise/goregrind freaks across the ocean have joined hands and created this sick project! Michele Labratti from Italy (whom you might remember from a review of one of his projects called Red Pulp Cords and from the interview I did with him) and American born’n’bred gorefan Max Rivera (again, interviewed not so long ago here as well) have decided to join forces and do some serious damage to our eardrums.

Before I’ve sat down to actually listen to it, I couldn’t resist to enquire about the new project.

“Why did you decide to create this project, Carbonized Innocents?” I’ve asked. “Well, we know each other since 2018,” says Michele, “we did a split release that year with our gorenoise projects Embedded Flesh and Red Pulp Cords and it was nice to work together. We In April we talked again about the virus situation and our current projects and after a while we talked about making something together.” “Yes! It was great to finally get back in touch with Michele after our split years ago,” adds Max, “Now that we have gained much skill since that time we have formed this band to combine our grinding forces!” “ The seeds of Carbonized Innocents were planted, hahaha!” laughs Michele.

How about the creative process, who’s coming with the main ideas? Michele offers his view on the things: “We worked together as a real band, not as single musicians, and I like this attitude a lot.” “Yeah the writing process was both of us back and forth wondering if each songs sound is what we truly wanted. We see eye to eye with our music and go with it like that,” agrees Max. “Max played some awesome drum tracks creating the rythmic ideas and song structures, then we put together the riffs, the vocal parts and bass parts. We were always in contact giving us suggestions etc. A very exciting writing process.”” The both halves of the project seems to work in one accord, as Max confirms: ““I make the drum rhythms and Michele and I will talk riffs over them!”

It’s been quite early to say, but I’ve been curious about the response to the demo so far… “It’s having some good feedback and I’m very happy about it! It’s still early, yeah, and we must spread the music some more to get a little more recognition.” says Michelle and Max is joining again as well: “I myself have local friends who have noticed our demo and are stoked at the sound! Definitely trying to get out there and spread our new disease!”, adds the American gorenoiser.

What are the plans for this project for the near future? The info from ever-active Michelle doesn’t disappoints: “Now we will release on physical format then we will start writing new horrible songs! We want to keep writing and release more stuff asap.” “Yes!”, Max is as enthusiastic as Michele. “This band is in full motion now that the demo is out. This will be a consistent band that will be pumping out new tracks!”

Will there be any future releases? “Yeah, we are talking about a full length and then who knows!” smiles Michelle. “We are 100% behind this project, tho!”. And as for Max, it seems the plan is agreed on and moving: “We will be writing a full length soon after the demo gets some time in the public eye. We plan to have an even more diverse sound but still have the same blistering intensity you hear in the demo!”

Well, thank you, guys and good luck! Now, let’s talk some grind stuff, shall we?

The demo is short, 6 tracks only, but from the very beginning of “Shroud in Angst” you know you’re in for a treat. Fuck yeah, this is what I’ve needed badly for these few days. 1:45 of old school grindcore, blasting through my headphones and do I enjoy it!

“Obliteration Sensation” is only 57 second long, but by now you either enjoying every second of it…or not. But that’s your problem. I like the chaotic beginning, quickly getting “organized” into the standard rhythmic tune. It reminds me of Terrorizer and there’s never enough of this kind of grindcore.

“The Elements of Catastrophe” continues in the bulldozing the way for these guys. You’re gonna laugh, but some elements here remind me of one pop song (which, I don’t think, Michele and Max were thinking to incorporate here, lol). Fucking blast!

And then – “Industrial Suicide”. The drums are unforgiving, music is pretty chaotic, and I like it a lot. And even a little bit of solo by the end? I’m sold.

“Burned Beyond Recognition” is the shortest track with 39 seconds of running time and I am little hesitant to write it’s fucking anthem, because it might throw some bad light on the rest of the songs. So just pretend I haven’t written that.

“Coined as Property” has something other songs don’t…double vocals in a good old Carcass fashion, the only bad thing is – not enough of it! That actually should happen more, what a delight of a song!

To sum it up – it’s good example of a old school grindcore, or grindcore worship (if you will) in 21. century. It might really feel familiar, which I don’t have a problem with, but stuff like this definitely keeps the spirit of grind alive and well.

Have a listen, Carbonized Innocents won’t disappoint you.