Another great gorenoise release I’ve bought from Zack Fogle’s Subliminal Facial Productions and this time it’s Cleveland’s, Ohio, own Epidemic Pain pairing with one of Zack’s projects, namely SxCxRx, which stands for Stercoraceous Copremesis Rhinorrhea and again, I hang my head in shame for not remembering the whole name. OK, I’ll try harder next time, I promise. Oh, and by the way, it’s 2018 release.

Both are one man projects and while Epidemic Pain present 5 individual tracks, Zack doesn’t give a shit and put it all in one 7:23 long earaching blast. Are you gonna complain? Nope, I’ve thought so.

Epidemic Pain’s “side” start with an intro, and then a total noise outburst, but as I’ve written yesterday with the split of Feline Hemorroids and HxPxS, it’s more of the “normal” noise, not the harsh stuff some of you might prefer.

Second track, and second intro! Who doesn’t like Doug Bradley as Pinhead? Get outta here! The track is superb again, and I do have a thing for projects using vokills as an instruments. No offense to anyone, though.

Phone’s ringing…wait, it’s another intro! I can’t remember which movie is it from, but I am sure I’ve seen this one. Oh, hell, I love great intros, this time its followed by a more solid noise wave, which has a somewhat soothing effect on me as a listener.

And just when I’ve expected another intro for 4th track, there’s none. Shit! Anyway, another solid gorenoise “song” here, and I am sure you’re goona love it as much as those previous ones.

Haha..and the last intro is the best…rimjob? 😀 That’s just perfect! Along with the track this is nice finish to ExPx offering…

…which brings us to aforementioned part from Zack (and I can’t help it, but with the shameless promotion – if you haven’t read the interview with him, you can check it here).

And although one track in the playlist, it’s a compilation of a few tracks actually. Musically, I find it more pleasing to ears than some other stuff from great Z I’ve had the opportunity to listen to, that bass tune is sick!

And that Barbie Girl cover? Yep, Zack’s doing gorenoise covers of your favourite dancing tunes and it hits you with a surprise, but a very pleasant surprise.

The final verdict? You should know by now that Zack does his stuff well. For Joe’s part with Epidemic Pain, I am very pleasantly surprised and I’m gonna check his other stuff as well.

And of course, if you’re not into the extreme genres, you’re not gonna like it. But that’s how life is.

Epidemic Pain side:

SxCxRx side: