I‘ve got in my hands this nice little demo CD. Who is it from? Well, the year is 2013, the country of origin – Indonesia, and the band is called Death Passion.

Golden Age (demo 2013)

So far it‘s their only release but boy, I am not sure, but does Indonesia ever produce anything sub-par related to extreme musick? Probably not and Death Passion is an another proof of it.

The demo cover is strangely done, it‘s some kind of pouch, with the band image inside, and if one is not familiar with South Asian scene, one might even joke about the age of those guys – but only until the Play button is pressed. Next few moments will be spent collecting the jaw from the floor.

Yeah, Death Passion genre of choice is technical brutal death metal and can these guys play, oh my… the demo contains only 4 tracks (3 songs + intro), all in 9:27, but I am pretty sure you would re-play this over and over.

The opening intro „Death Passion“ is probably the most varied track here, great changes, that bass line is just pure delight, as well as drumwork…and then „End of the World“ starts. After great „disharmonic“ introduction the vocalist opens his mouth. Holy fuck. Great guttural vokill this one is! The song itself is more straightforward than the intro, but it works for me, as I am not really a fan of very technical musick.

„Omega Hu“ s the 3rd track on the demo and we continue in the same tradition – great technical BDM. You just can‘t find any fault these guys, they are one hell of a machine.

And with the 4th and final track, „ian Massal“, this time it‘s less on the technical side, more on the „melodic“ (yeah, even BDM can be melodic), and with it‘s end, it‘s time to hit the Play button again.

The only surprising thing is – this is Death Passion‘s only official recording. How the hell they haven‘t got a record deal yet?

If you can somewhat get your hands on this demo, do it. It‘s fucking awesome.

Band Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DEATH-PASSION-KETAPANG-DEATH-METAL–164946743558597/