For those of you enjoying my review of Black Sheet Servitude / Odour Sonour split CD – I have some great news for you!

Necro Doll

Today we‘re gonna have a look, well….OK, we‘ll lend our ears to similar, albeit digital, album, this time it‘s Lalemus (which was the project of Abbatoir Stalag‘s wife, who went under the pseudonym of Necro Doll) and Static Goat, which was another project of Izedis of Enbilulugugal. Yes, you know what‘s coming at ya!

Lalemus‘s input is represented by two long compositions: „Don‘t Talk Just Listen“ is just a damn great disturbing track, and that underlying layer of alarm-like loop just makes it so unnerving! Perfect for a soundtrack to some post-apo game/movie – or for anyone wishing to go beyond the usual chords and scales. But it gets even better towards the end of the song, but alas, it stops there. „Are You Still Listening?“ continues where the first track left off and although it‘s not as „catchy“ (can I actually use that word while reviewing power electronics and HNW stuff?), it still can be classed as interesting. It‘s funny how the long vocal samples, while perfectly understandable, morph into another „instrument“, mixing itself with various other drone loops and such.

One can just admire the creativity beyond tracks like these. As penned down before, this is quite definitely not for everyone, but if you are able to get out of your comfort zone into some dark places, you will find some great stuff there…but you might not return unscarred.

While Lalemus, although undoubtedly disturbing, presents its musick with some strange calming effect, Static Goat is anything but. This is a total aural attack, violent, uncompromising, unforgiving.

Izedis (Static Goat)

The first track is „In the Intensive Care Ward at Our Lady of the Worthless Miracle“ and I am sure many unprepared listeners would probably end up in some intensive care after being exposed to this recording. Strangely, it‘s not as chaotic as it would appear in a few first second. But earaching it is. Oh, boy, it is!

Second track hides itself under the title of „It‘s Not Exactly the Backyard, But It Will Do“ and continues in the same vein, albeit a little different. I think it helps I have turned the volume down a little…but unlike the opening track of Static Goat part, this one is more structured and therefore more interesting.

The third, and final, track is „The Denver Jock Strap“ and it‘s probably the most „melodic“ and most interesting from those three. Imagine Skynet having it‘s processors slowly fried – the recording of it would be this song. No kidding.

The result? Only for the brave enough or insane. Or insane and brave enough at the same time.