OK, today we’re going to look at a somewhat older release, namely a 2007 3-way split released by a co-operation of two Ukrainian labels, namely Imbecil Entertainment and Eclectic Productions, and presenting (you’ve guessed it) 3 bands – Ukrainian Fleshripper (now, unfortunately, split up), Polish Garroter (on hold currently) and Serbian band Mutilation (now under the name of Lithopedion).

Well, 11 years old split, what this one can offer us?

Fleshripper 3-way sickness
Fleshripper (Ukraine)

Starting with aforementioned Ukrainians Fleshripper, guys present 4 bloodsoaked tracks of brutal death metal and because those are all under 3 minutes, they don’t have the time to get boring, and truly, every song, although it’s a standard BDM, is interesting enough to keep it playing.

3-way sickness Garroter
Garroter (Poland)

The second offering comes from Polish brutalizers Garroter and after a short intro we are greeted with a blast of heartwarming slamming deathgrind in 3 tracks. Nothing you would dislike, folks, these guys keep it fresh n innovative. Well, tell you what, I’m gonna seek n get their further material as well, as fucking hell…they are awesome! And Polish outros rule! Give me a sec, I need to replay their segment…

3-way sickness Mutilation
Mutilation (Serbia)

And the third act belongs to Mutilation from Serbia. This is a duo of musicians and you can quickly guess that mainly due to the programmed drums. It’s not really a problem, of course, programmed drums have their place in BDM, but here, in this 3-way split, I think they are the weaker portion of the musick offered. No offense intended though. It’s still listenable and enjoyable, of course, just considering the quality of Fleshripper and Garroter, well…but this split was their last material under the name of Mutilation. As for the closing chapter, this material is served with a dignity and guys don’t have to be ashamed.

Underlined and summed up…30 minutes well spent. What more do you want? OK, I’ll spell it out for you. Can I listen repeatedly to this split (without torture?)? Yes, I can. And I am pretty sure you’ll be delighted as well.