Cephalohematoma – Gore Prey For Surgery (CDr review)

Finally the day off work, so what’s coming? Yes, a neverending work on the Rubber Axe webzine, and I have to say I feel good to do something for you, our readers.

But to choose what to review, that’s the hardest part, folks. In a few days there is quite a load of stuff to go through, both material I’ve bought for my collection and review purposes, and also some promos, both digital and physical.

So I’ve adopted a structured approach today. OK, it might be only for today, but let’s see if we can actually go somewhere with this strategy.

Cephalohematoma and its demo 2019 cover
Cover of the CDr demo 2019 release by Cephalohematoma

First thing to review is this nice limited gorenoise/goregrind CDr from Indonesia, namely Cephalohematoma’s 2019 demo CDr release “Gore Prey For Surgery”, released by our friend Dede from Inherited Production as his his 10th release (and I’ve already reviewed releases by Indonesian BDM bands Kakaradeath and Analectomy from the last order I’ve got from him). And so I am not accussed of being uncritical, I had to adjust the cover so it’s fit into the CD case. But that’s not that big problem, just mentioning it for the sake of complete picture.

How good, how bad? Well, tell you this. 10 tracks in 5:14 means this stuff doesn’t get boring, which – in gorenoise – is important. And among these 10 there is one cover (the last track) of Last Days Of Humanity and their song “Equal Pleasures In The Realms Of Dehumanisation”. And it’s – without a doubt – a level above the rest in the means of production. I will confess I haven’t listened to LDOH though (shame, shame!), so I can’t really say how good/bad this cover is, but the material presented here as a whole it’s pleasantly listenable. I’ve already given it a few spins, so you can make a mental picture for yourself.

Of course, you have blastbeats from A to Z, that ping snare sound is fantastic, the distorted vokills are nicely recognizable (not the words, silly!), the harshness is just there so you know it’s not your neighbour drilling in the wall, and together with the hydro input (which, for whatever reason, seems to be quite a staple in the genre) it offers a nice listening experience.

Again, I can’t help it, I’d say it’s friendly to the beginners, so if you want to check what the hell I am talking about, try to give this nice demo a listen.

And you’re just one click away: https://inheritedproduction.bandcamp.com/album/cephalohematoma-gore-prey-for-surgery-demo