I will honestly say I was anticipating this album since I’ve heard those two songs by Eunoia featured on “Tunes to Warm the Heart” compilation by Klast Records (you can check the review of it here).

Therefore, I don’t need to add I was pleased to have this digital promo sent my way by Miles (see the interview with him here) and here we go.

Eunoia Anthem

On the first listen many of you might scoff and say – da fuq is wrong with you? It’s just the American indie punk, nothing more, nothing less! Well, you might be right, of course, but considering those kids are what..16-17 years old, they play fucking great tunes here!!!!

Opening with “Voluntary Isolation” featured on the aforementioned compilation, it’s funny that now, when I have the opportunity to listen to the whole album, it sounds so polished compared to some other songs and I have to say – although it’s still great and I like it the same as before – Jay and Danny have in their sleeves even better songs! And that’s saying something.

“Burnout”, guys – that’s punk. 4 or how many chords, simple melody (and I think all of us know this melody from some other bands, because, seriously, how many combinations can you do with 4 chords?) and I think the distorted bass would fucking enhance this track quite heavily, but overall, this is one of the better songs right here!

“Pressures” might betray the young voice, but Jay’s vocal gives the Eunoia this nice “whatever, dude” attitude (nice rhyme here from me!). And I love bass here!!! That’s how you make a winnin’ bass-line!

The flegmatic vocal is even more present in the next song “You Don’t Care”, and quite surprisingly for me, it strongly reminds me of Courtney Love’s singing style. And although I am not a fan of Hole, it’s not a negative criticism. The whole arrangement is quite nice, but what about the abrupt ending?

“July 2nd”… opens with a guitar playing and a voicover proclaming something, but unfortunately, I couldn’t understand shit because the guitar track was quite loud. Shame. But with 1:18 it is more of an intermezzo, so I can get over it, no big deal.

This one is interesting! “Go Away”, this melancholic-depressive slowish tune with nice guitar (I love that sound and it reminds me the rhythm of John Murphy’s 28 Weeks Later’s tune “In the House, In the Heartbeat”), this almost 3 minutes long sad song shows a real potential. With a little tweaking, I’d bet my money on the winner here.

I haven’t expected an instrumental song here, but “Desire” is an instrumental. And I’d guess no one can object. it’s atmosphere is dark and almost translates the sadness into the sound, the percussions add this nice strange feel to it, that hypnotic, repeated melody, almost like a ritual invocation. Another favourite of mine. Paradoxically, it’s one of the longer songs on the album, but I’ve found it very appropriate for accompanying me while working. Who would think punkers would do this stuff also…

Well, “I Need Help” is a punk song, intervined with slowish indie part, but after previous stuff this one suffers a little. I guess some help with arrangements would be in order (still, the doubled vocals are not as readable than they should have been, and the song is little rough around edges). Eunoia has definitely better songs on the album.

Under #9 one can find “Doesn’t Matter” and this song helps to erase the letdown feeling from the previous song, again, we’re offered a honest portion of indie punk, and I like this one a lot! It’s not an obvious hit, but it clicks. And that counts, at least for me. And that noisy ending, top notch!

Guys might think they “Don’t Care Enough” (title of the track number 10), but they care enough to present you this one. Musically, this one is in the same indie punk vein as the previous ones, and if you dig this genre, you’re gonna love this. Personally, I am not into indie punk that much, but I dig this.

The longest track on the album (4:35) is the biggest surprise. “The Mind of Abyss” is a lo-fi black metal and absolutely kills! Although, truth is, it’s like a sore thumb here, for I am not sure those into indie punk would like it. And surely black metal listeners won’t try album just because of one song. Nevertheless, I am enjoying it and this song gets a few repeats tonight, that’s for sure!

The closing track here is “Let Go”. I’m not sure if I can describe it, but imagine something in the line of Nine Inch Nails’ cover of Joy Division’s “Dead Souls”. Not exactly the same, but that’s one song coming to my mind now. Unfortunately, with 2:53 in length it ends too early for my liking.

So, what to say now? Eunoia is a young band of two young, aspiring musicians. The album is not perfect and it’s OK. Guys show a lot of potential with their songwriting and we can rest assured that with young ones like these the good music won’t die any time soon. And as for that album, don’t know about you, but it won’t be forgotten here.

I am gonna repeat myself, but don’t care. This band, if it lasts a few more years, will be big. Mark my words.

Available through Klast Records on all major streaming services.