Gorenoise/goregrind genre with this great 5-way split release from Testicular Records back in 2018, so I am a little late with this, but as they say – better later than never.

So, what do we have here! Quite a nice line up, I have to say.

Shitstench buy

First thing to get your heart pumped is Shitstench and intros!!! I’ve said it before and I will keep repeating it: I fuckin’ love intros!!! And add to it a nice portion of goresoaked noise with song titles like “Bulging Stomach Filled with Skin Busting Pus Clots” or “Fetid Entrails Pouring from Perforated Internal Stab Wounds” and I am already vouching for gorenoisers knowing more about the anatomy and pathology than a general medicine student. OK, I might be exaggerating a little, but you’ve got my point, I am sure.

Heavy on bass, with weird sounding drums (and that’s definitely not a negative), plus distorted as fuck vokills, it’s pretty simple and almost on a primitive level, but it works. And if it’s not broken, don’t touch it.

Stillborn Granny
Stillborn Granny

After 4 tracks from Shitstench, here we have an input from Stillborn Granny. Also 4 tracks, but I am little confused here. It’s probably what people would call cybergrind, but overall not my cup of tea. Frankly and honestly, these 4 tracks are little disappointing, sorry. OK, maybe with exception of “Lesbian Cocksucker”, which sounds more like a EBM track due to the mechanical basic layer. But it’s just too little, for too short a time.

Anal Property logo
Anal Property logo

Anal Property raises the bar higher with their goregrind part consisting of 3 songs. The production is not the best, but the music is listenable despite of it. Paradoxically, the pig squeel almost doesn’t fit in the music, as it’s more of a straightforward grind, than goregrind of the pig squeel variety. But that’s just my opinion, it doesn’t change a fact that these three songs are pretty sick. Thumbs up for Anal Property.

Blasted Pancreas

Blasted Pancreas! I’ve mentioned this project when discussing Ptoma’s album “Life” and with a satisfaction I have to say ithe quality of the musick on this split is going higher again. Blasted Pancreas fucking rules, the opening track of their part, “Hemangiosarcoma” is just a blast – but written and played with an intelligent approach.

“37 Stabwounds” is a Regurgitate cover and I can’t say much about it, as it was a very long time ago since I’ve listened to Regurgitate. But with 33 seconds long song, it can’t be bad, no matter how you look at it.

Another sarcoma got mentioned, this time “Lymphangiosarcoma”, and that’s the 3rd song from Blasted Pancreas and it’s even better than the first two. Hmm..I guess I’ve found a new favourite for me!

The riff in the final BxPx’s song “Resection of Upper Gastrointestinal Malignancy”, which is a Lymphatic Phlegm cover, sounds familiar (I mean, the atmosphere, but I just can’t put down the name of the band using such an approach..I have it almost on the tip of my tongue…I am sure I will remember the moment I will post this review online. Typical.

Anyway, this one is a fucking great stuff. Period.

And the last artist here is SxCxVxPxCx, which stands for Snuff Corpse Vaginal Puke Collector. Man, that some really original band/project name and I suspect it’s another of Ivar Gore Pus Malm’s projects.

The music is proper gorenoise, and if you happily moshed to Anal Property or Blasted Pancreas stuff, here it’s little harsher stuff. But you can’t beat a good gorenoise stuff, and again – those titles lol. For all, let me just write one: “AIDS Pumped Corpse Vagina in Trashcan”. What can you expect with song title like this one.

Final thought? Even with including Stillborn Granny, which is pretty subpar here, anyone into the extreme level of extreme music (what a nice expression) should appreciate this split.

Testicular Records put out a pretty solid release. For one, I put a thumb up.