I don’t need to tell you that I like many things from Asia – movies and TV series from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Phillipines, Kpop, visual kei, and last, but definitely not least, the Asian metal. And what’s best from Indonesia? Well, you’ve already guessed it – brutal death metal and brutal slamming death metal. So for tonight I chose this interesting compilation with Indonesian BDM and BSDM artists from 2011.

While researching the artists I’ve come to conclusion that many tracks have to be available before they have appeared on later releases, as this compilation was released in 2011 (according to the information available), but that might be a wrong date completely. Just to let you know 🙂

Blessing of Disease Injury Deepen
Injury Deepen

The pole position belongs to Injury Deepen and their track “Ultimate Torture” from their 2012 full-length “Entrails of Infected Corpse”. Not bad for an opener, but to be completely honest, they sound like a lot of similar bands from Indonesia. Musically, as usual, you can’t complain, guys know their stuff, but it’s just that. You wouldn’t recognize them from a crowd of similar artists.

Blessing of Disease Janin band

The same can’t be said of Janin, the second band presented here, and their “Sperm Poisoned”. Nice intro and after that, a short, but intense slamming track with a nice vokills. Now we’re talking! I am pretty sure there’s not much you can bring to refresh this genre, but when it’s done right way, it fucking kills! Janin definitely confirms it.

Blessing of Disease Aestees band

Third to party is Aestees and “72 Kepala Tanpa Tubuh” from their 2012 demo. Great technical death metal, this is a refreshment for your ears, folks and this is exactly why I love Indonesian scene. Fucking surprise after surprise. I am pretty sure there’s a metal band behind every tree in Indonesia!

Blessing of Disease Critical Defacement
Critical Defacement

Critical Defacement and the song from their 2013 promo CD titled “Malicious Crypt in Your Fuckin Brain” are next to be dissected and musically are close to Injury Deepen, proper brutal death metal. Short track and unlike the aforementioned, the vokills are more recognizable, which is always a bonus when you face the avalanche of bands.

Blessing of Disease Digging Up band
Digging Up

Digging Up offers their cover of Jasad’s song “Pathetic Unindentified Obsession” from their 2014 full length “Disseminated Inapparent Infection”, but it’s hard to say how truthful this cover is, as I am not familiar with the original song. But I liked this cover, so I am pretty sure the original is smashing too. The funny thing is – the first part sounds so-so, but then the song hits about 1:20 and here we’re getting into the interesting part. And then 1:42 and hey! That’s sounds really interesting now! I like the repeating riff here, really diggin’ it!

Blessing of Disease  Bloodrain Evening
Bloodrain Evening

Bloodrain Evening introduces their song “Rape of the Beast” and it sounds fantastic. Brutal death metal as fuck here! It’s totally useless to praise the music, so I will praise vokills instead. They are great, it’s like listening to your asthmatic uncle speak! OK, I might be exaggerating a little, but really, good work here.

Blessing of Disease Undergod band

Another band I have never heard of before is Undergod and the same I can state for their song “Ngimpi Modol” from their 2010 debut album “Saguru Saelmu Tong Ngaganggu”. Brutal death metal with a melodic vein, which is always welcome! This one I really need to find a copy of! Total blast and one of the absolute highlights of this compilation!

Blessing of Disease compilation Rezume band

Rezume are dedicated to porn and gore and showing their dedication with their “Shoot My Fucking Ass” song (featured on their 2013 album “Fragment of Blessednes Spermicide” and also on 2011 split “Split My Bitch Up” with Cuntscrape, Goresluts and Morbid Vision). Proper nasty slamming, and first band here with a lovely pig squeels. In slow parts they are like unstoppable, when they get fast, they are intense as hell. Interesting songwriting and I love the sounds of drums here.

Can’t find any info about Infection Baterial, so I will just tell you that the song they play is “Protocol of Zions” and it’s another example of spreading slamming brutal death metal sickness. Good melodic riffing, from the song title I’d guess they will be a politically inclined in their lyrics, but that’s just my guess. Also surprising pig squeeling – not that it’s unexpected, but the gutturals fits here much better. Musically good.

Another obscure band is Pedophilia, here with the track “Premature Fetus”. Again, guys slay with their instruments, the music itself is great, but as with a few other bands, there is a little creeping moment of “it does sound like …(fill your pick)”. But you know what? Who cares. You want brutality, Pedophilia gives you a mouthful (lol) of it. So shut the fuck up.

Damn, I really need to start digging around, so many bands with almost no presence! Demise is another such band, but man…”Discharge Addicted Vaginal Violent” is proper filthy stuff, but oh my…from the very second the vokillist starts his part, you can’t but fall in love with his vokills. Also the song itself is absolutely fantastic. I’ll take back my words of the genre being unable to improve, this band and this song proves me wrong. This is another candidate for a highlight of the compilation and I hope to get some more stuff from those guys.

Blessing of Disease compilation Babi Liar band
Babi Liar

Babi Liar is quite interesting name for the band and the band bringing their song “Broken Mind” to your attention. First thing to catch my attention was nice clear riffing and the presence of a guitar solo, which is not that often a feature in such songs. Babi Liar plays solid brutal death metal and interestingly enough, after a short drumming solo in the middle, the song enters the second part, which, I’d say, is even better than the first one.

Venomed band Blessing of Disease compilation

Venomed are another band with a cover song here, this time its “Suicide”, originally by Brutal Corpse. Don’t ask me, but the song is nice, short track with enough variety to keep you interested for the whole playtime.

Blessing of Disease compilation Apocalypse Grind band
Apocalypse Grind

Apocalypse Grind follows, with their song “Penghuni Neraka yank Celaka” from their 2010 EP “Kandel Kulit Beungeut”. Have no idea what that means, my bad, should studdy bahasa indonesia more! But it’s like a raging storm, good changes in vokills, musically you can’t complain (not surprisingly), so that’s another name to research in more detail. Liked this one a lot.

Blessing of Disease compilation Saffar band

“Novus Ordo Seclorum” is proclaimed by many, but only Saffar bring the much needed brutality with it. According to the information available, Saffar’s lyrics are anti-Zionist and about Islam religion, so here you go. But here we’re not discussing religion or politics, and whatever your stance about those issues is, musically this band is top notch. Originally on their 2013 debut “Mandatory El Arshy”, you will quickly recognize the vokills, which are pretty diffferent from what you could hear so far on this compilation. Quite interesting band it is.

Blessing of Disease  compilation Embalmed band

There are quite a few bands named Embalmed, but this one is a brutal death metal act from Indonesia (well, yeah) and their song here is “Sin and Makers”, which is a cover of a Naked Truth song, the third cover on this compilation. Guys share the bassist with Undergod and although it’s hart do judge them by the cover song, I can say the vokills are pretty great, so it might be a good idea to check their other material (noted!)

Range of Mutilated Blessing of Disease compilation
Range of Mutilated

Closing this compilation is Range of Mutilated with their opening track “Unperfect Molting” from their debut 2013 album “Beheaded or Melted”. Double vokills!!!! Again, musically very capable and any fan of brutal death metal (with a slamming influence to boot) is encouraged to check their other material too.

Summed up, this is a great comp for the newbies and seasoned listeners of Indonesian brutal death metal and slamming brutal death metal. As with almost everything, you might not like them all, but there is no denying of the quality of the Indonesian music (and metal in particular).