It’s been really a looong time since I’d devoted my ear to anything black metal-related (or I might simply not remember), so when I’d been offered a digital copy of this black metal compilation, I could’t have resisted. Why would I, right?

Originally a tape release, it contains 13 tracks by bands I haven’t heard about before (OK, there goes my UG cred haha), except for Artisian. But that’s not a disadvantage, quite the contrary.

But anyway, enough of this intro crap, let’s see what you can look forward to if you decide to get the tape.

Opening the side A is Necrohell from Greece and I can’t be happier, the song “Kingdom of Sodoma” is exactly the black metal I like, the melodic, yet cold in the great Nordic vein, I really liked it.

The second to present their stuff is Ceremonial Torture from Finland with the song “Battlestorm Under His Majesty’s Triumph” and from the fast riffs we’re down to mid-tempo with nice keyboard background and vokills straight from the cave. CT is an one-man project, but it offers nice variety, and I am happy to report it won’t bore you, which is quite important seeing it’s clocking over 6 minutes. As I am not an expert in black metal underground, I won’t give you a comparison, but it’s worthy of your time.

And when I’ve said “underground”, Winterfullmoon from Germany conforms to this 666 per cent. Drowned sound with a vocals coming from a very pissed off nocturnal creature, fast riffs are interwoven with not only fast drums (which one naturally expects), but also with slowed drumwork in some parts, which is quite interesting. Also, the vocals are done in interesting way (and their background vocalists are ravens! 🙂 ) Again, can’t complain, I can listen to “Servant of Evil” on repeat quite easily.

And we’re back in the U.K. with Nefarious Dusk and “Cold Shadows Over Transylvania Part VI”, and the underground treatment of the production is nicely continued here. Short track it is, but it’s enough to awake the interest in this guy. For me, thumb up. Or a candle.

Funeral Fullmoon hails from Chile with the song “Nokturnal Prayer”. Again, not a short one, clocking over 5 minutes and musically – again – in a furious blitz, it reminds me of Mayhem’s “De Mysteriis…” era, even the vocals in some moments sounds like Attila, but this is no cheap copy, rest assured.. Yep, so far, I am enjoying this compilation.

And in the America Latina we stay for a little longer, with the infernal offering from Arcanum Mortifer (Ecuador) and their song “Dark and Peverse Ritual”. Similar to Ceremonial Torture in tempo, it’s characterized as a raw black metal (ah), and it’s really like a ritual. Plus a tortured vocals in vein of early Burzum, I’m sold (I am a fan of early Burzum, so no surprise). Good melody here.

And that’s the end of side A.

Side B and Unholy Impaler with the song “Black Disciples”. Wow, haven’t expected this. This Italian black metal kommando really surprises. From what I can find, they are dedicated to bands like Beherit and Sodom and you can tell that. Chaotic at times, but also with nice nod to Beherit’s “Drawing Down the Moon”, this one steps out and you will really remember it as being something else. Good? You bet!

Hungarian Feretrum offers the longest track on this compilation, “Endless War” is 6:20 and this time is filled with primitive black metal worship – don’t expect anything polished here (but I don’t think you would). Again, this is in vein of second wave of Norwegian BM, and I was little worried about how it was gonna carried itself in the whole song-length, but luckily, was not bad. I would hate to suffer 6 minutes of bad black metal. The production is muddied and I can make a decision if it’s a good thing or bad, but my beloved bass is recognizable, so it’s up to you, I can enjoy this song.

And Hungary strikes one more time, this time with Artisian’s “God Turned His Face Away”. This, for a change, is a shortest track on this compilation, and it’s a great sounding blackened crust/punk. Definitely OK with me, the vocals are deep, more of a proclamations than vocals (if you know what I mean). Personally, I am disappointed a little with the song length, for I wouldn’t mind it being a little longer, but how can be a crust/punk song be a long one? C’mon. So, there will be repeated playings here.

Mysteriis hides in the funeral mists of Colombian landscape and here are featured with their song “Metal Medallo”. I have a soft spot for Hispanic metal, especially sung in Spanish, and this is fucking chaotic, but still melodic, which I appreciate. And those screams! I am sure I can recall similar screaming vocalist from some old band, but kill me…my mind is blank. Nevertheless, Mysteriis adds to the variety of black metal acts presented here perfectly.

Latin America is also Brazil, and Brazil means also Goat Vengeance. “The Goat Massacre” is indeed a massacre, it’s a chaos unleashed and wild as a vastness of Brazilian jungles. So, little in the vein of old Beherit too (although very slightly, but I can’t find better comparison, sorry).

Tzelmoth comes from Colombia as well, and here’s their song “Subita Tenebrae”. Fast and furious (eat this, Vin Diesel!), however, the best thing here is definitely the vocals. Imagine wind coming down your chimney. Fantastic! Also to notice is the ending, that crying praying-like vocal…oh yeah.

The compilation is closed by Pacto Amen from Chile and their track “El Fuego de los Dioses”. And that’s with a dose of brutality here. I’d be praising the whole song (and musicians) here, so to save your time…this is definitely a great end of this great compilation.

Tell you this – if you like black metal, this one will satisfy your needs. It offers various styles and the quality of music is guaranteed. For me, it was a nice surprise and I need that tape (and I don’t even play tapes 🙂 ). It’s that good.

The compilation was released through Ancient Cult Records, get in touch with them through e-mail: or