Everyone loves some nice brutal death metal and goregrind. Ok, maybe not everyone, but I certainly can listen to stuff like these four Chilean guys have brought to my attention. And it‘s nice to see new bands popping up left and right to uphold the genre.

And yes – it‘s a band, good folks! Just a nod towards those of you who are little sick of a myriad of bedroom one-man-projects (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Uretrocarcinoma band

So, let‘s have a cheeky sneak peek to what those amigos produced. As I‘ve just written, Uretrocarcinoma (which is a form of bad stuff cancer otherwise known as an urethral cancer – thanks, Google) hails from the capital of Chile (yes, it‘s still Santiago de Chile) and on their first demo release, released through Ruido Podrido DIY label, this band offers two solid portion of brutal deathmetal/goregrind, namely Cadaver fermentado devorado por larvas (and I don‘t need to speak Spanish to understand, it ain’t a love song, yum!) and Defecto anormal congénito with a pretty little disgusting cover. Man, some diseases are just…eww!

As for the material – it’s a well produced demo release, and both songs are pretty much a standard in this genre. These guys know their stuff and they offer everything you expect. Yes, brutal gutturals and pig squeels are here. And slow passages too. What else do we want?

Surely, they might not bring anything original to the table (and I am not even sure if I really want to see any weird experimentation withing brutal death metal and goregrind music), but unless you listen to BDM/slamming BDM/goregrind 24/7, Uretrocarcinoma won’t disappoint you. Not to mention it will be interesting to see how this quartet’s gonna develop in the future.

In case you want to know more about the band (well, at least unless I’m reaching to them myself for some info), you can show them some love and check them on Bandcamp and  Facebook.