Not a really long time ago, I think it’s about two months, I’ve bought a tape player (again). And the vinyl record player as well (it’s one nice Panasonic setup). I haven’t had one for about 10 years, so it was a high time to get another one, as I’ve definitely had my sight on some tape-only releases.

Eyegag and “Your Achievements” tape is officially the first ever tape reviewed in the Rubber Axe webzine (at least coming from me) – actually one being played as the very first one (I’m not counting a test play with Tina Turner to see if the tape deck is alright).

Eyegag - Your Achievement tape cover
Eyegag – Your Achievements… tape cover

So, what about Eyegag? This project describes itself as “Napalm Death Worshipping Noise” and I can confirm the influence is certainly felt.

This tape is a compilation of three Eyegag releases – Industrial Aphetamine Supplier (31 tracks) , Why Did They Die? (10 tracks) and The Pen is Envy (35 tracks). And no, I haven’t counted them (although I am enjoying the greater-than-usual number of songs after quite a long time. Yeah, I haven’t listened to proper grind lately, shame on me).

And all this bring you the portion of old school grindcore enhanced, well..put through a nice noise filter and enhanced (now’s the time for the word) with various audio samples and effects, creating a nice mix of noisegrind and industrial noise.

The positive thing here – in some parts the instruments are recognizable, and the added “noiseness” (I just have made the word up 🙂 ) doesn’t actually disturb you from enjoying the classic grindcore elements here (and while I enjoy also their later phase, as evidenced from the split with SkullxPiercer, I prefer this release a little more). Also the obvious rehearsal-bedroom enviroment of recording is a thing to love – it’s grind-noise, after all, who needs recording studios here? In some other parts it’s just bulldozing noisecore and that’s OK with me as well. And just when you think it’s gonna stay this way all through until the end, you’re getting a jazz-like (or whatever genre it is) intermezzo. Fuck yeah, yours truly have a blast here! Really welcome change with rather interesting buildup after – or “how to get from jazzy to totally crazy” in a minute or less. The Rubber Axeman approves 🙂

This stuff has definitely welcoming old school feel – and that’s the beauty of the underground: keeping the great stuff alive.

And although you find no vocals in the beginning (at least I haven’t), as tape progresses, you can enjoyed the distorted vocals adding to the overall experience.

So, you crave \your ND fix? You’ll find it there (you know, from when ND was a grindcore band proper), and if you look for noise – this is also like attending a free buffet here, just to be enjoyed!

You can find the album here (digital and tape):