Vomit Spawn’s “Vomography” digital release might serve as a nice example of why it’s good to be present on social media. OK, we all know the Facebook algorithm will more likely limit your exposure to your audience (in order to push – or, let’s be blunt, force – you to pay for advertisement), but one never knows when his post will reach an interested soul.

That’s the case of this stuff. I follow Drew from Mortville Noise on his Facebook profile and ocassionally checking his posts with his releases. I am pretty sure I haven’t seen (neither I will see) all his posts, but when “Vomography” has shown up on my newsfeed, I kinda felt an immediate urge to check it. Although, to be completely honest, for a second I’ve mistaken it for Italian Vomit Fall. 🙂

First and foremost, the cover is nice (and kudos to Jae Mephistopheles Foetusgrubber for it) and if you don’t know that cover sells, than you should do some learning (that’s why, by the way, I don’t really watch new movies, as their selling point of posters/DVD/Blu covers is pretty much shit). Remember buying records and renting movies because of the cool cover? That still applies.

Second, the description. If I like the band, here’s basically the whole discography of Vomit Spawn. Can I say “No” to that? Like hell I would!

This material is on Bandcamp and contains 50(!) songs. And tell you this. If you don’t like the first 8 songs (coming from “Diabolic Detention” 3” CD from 2004), then don’t bother with the rest, you won’t like it.

But if you are like me, you’re hooked up by the very first song “Double Pumped Gutter Slut” and hey! you just want more! More Vomit Spawn!

Songs here come from the aforementioned 3” CD, 7” EP splits with Magrudergrind, Lymphatic Phlegm and Viscera, “Promo 2001” CD-R and two demos, “Fetal Lust” from 1993 and “Aaron’s First Time” from 1994.

The sound quality varies, which has to be expected, but for those growing up with cassette tape demos and rehearsals, it’s nothing but a great nostalgia trip. And “great” should be with a capital G. I mean it. This is top quality old school death/grind and if you don’t enjoy it, you’re either dead, or deaf.

The digital download contains a killer PDF with all the important information – cover artworks, song titles, two old interviews…I doubt you can get more complete discography than this. And as a bonus, 2 video clips!

Now that’s something to enjoy. Mortville Noise did a wonderful job here and Drew should get a proper praise for it. Superb stuff and work!

Bandcamp: https://mortvillenoise.bandcamp.com/album/vomography