The sun is shining (somewhat) and what better way to celebrate a weekend than to play some goregrind, right? Yep, and I can finally insert this nice 6-way split into the drive and enjoy some catchy tunes. It was long overdue anyway, I‘ve bought this split CD quite a long time ago.

Zombified Humanity Syphilitic Abortion band
Syphilitic Abortion

Anyway, without any further ramblings from me, opening the split CD is SyphiliticAbortion, with their portion of blasting goregrind! At first I‘ve assumed it to be another run-of-the-mill bedroom project, but to my surprise this is an actual band! And with a proper sewer/pig squeel vocals to match, first 10 songs of the split CD belong to said Brazilians. Good point for them – guys keep their songs long enough to be entertaining, but short enough to be boring. A lot of bands should learn that and keep it in mind, believe me. And although standard in the genre, I am always laughing and being entertained by the song titles. The Gore Sound of Vaginal Putrid or Drinking PusCunt Bitch is just something only a true gorehound would appreciate. Thumbs up!!!!

Zombified Humanity Mithrubick

Next on the list aretheir colleagues Mithrubick with 5 portions of their death/grind offering. Unlike the first band, their sound is little mumbled, with a drum sound sounding little flat, but the band still manages to keep my attention. Musically it‘s quite standard, but again – as with Syphilitic Abortion, Mithrubick also keeps their songs of a reasonable length, so one can‘t really complain.

Zombified Humanity Triturador

This Brazilian attack intensifies with Triturador and their part in this 6-way split. Simple, yet always effective blast with ocassional intro to songs with titles like Schizophrenic Psychotic Bitch or Rotting Mind Disturbing, this band/project offers the shortest songs on this CD, but after a while I have to say, they got little boring, as they really play your standard-by-numbers death/grind. And they offer a first cover in this split, namely Mortician‘s Ripped in Half.

Zombified Humanity Mass of Shit
Mass of Shit

Mass of Shit‘s gore-splatter-platter starts with intro Pahological Thoughts, after which we are introduced to their way of playing death/grind. Blasting beats and vokills which should really be little quieter (they are just too much over the music), in some moments they reaching to the gorenoise realm as well. Other than that, I don‘t think I liked them that much (sorry!), so I‘ll leave it at that.

Zombified Humanity Hierarchical Punishment
Hierarchical Punishment

Sao Paulan grindingmachine Hierarchical Punishment strangely – thanks to vokills -reminds me of Brujeria. And that‘s always a good thing. And their musick is – as weird as it sounds – pleasing to the aching ears of yours truly. This is grindcore as fuck, baby! Also with the cover of Volcano‘s Incubus. First highlight of this split, that‘s for sure!

Zombified Humanity Rancid Flesh
Rancid Flesh

Rancid Flesh‘s part in this split offers 7 songs, six covers of known acts like Xysma, Carcass, Dead Infection, Pungent Stench, LDOH and Blood, and only one of their own, a previous to this CD unreleased track Scleroris of Jugular Veins, but from what I‘ve heard, these guys have their pathological grinding lessons done right. Blasting, no holds barred goregrind as your doctor should prescribe, and another highlight of this split CD.

And that‘s it, folks. Sealed, signed and delivered – if goregrind is your genre, give this little CD a listen, if for nothing else than to support Brazilian underground. You will certainly will not be disappointed.