And while I’m in the mood, I’ve put another disc from Dede (Inhuman Production) into my player and this time it is Analectomy.

Analectomy logo
Analectomy logo

The name of the band and the fact that this is another Indonesian band makes it easy to guess the genre. Nope, it’s not the the mainstream pop. Unless the mainstream pop in Indonesia is, in fact, slamming brutal death metal. Which wouldn’t suprise me at all.

Analectomy - Promo 2017 cover
Analectomy Promo 2017 cover

This promo contains only 2 songs, the first one being “Predator Of Rectal And Vaginal” (featuring Arifin (Filsup)) and the second one, “Bau Busuk Organ Seksual”. Apparently nice lyrical themes, I guess.

Now, musically, as stated, it’s slam. Well played, that must be stated, but that’s also quite a standard even for the projects with only two members (that was the situation when this promo was recorded and released, Analectomy then went from duo to trio and now they are a standard quartet). The other thing is pretty divisive – if you are a slammaniac devouring everything slamtastic, Analectomy will go right up your alley. They definitely are worth checking out.

Analectomy, current line up
Analectomy, current line-up

On the other hand, if you are not really a fan of the slamming BDM, or looking for something going out of the genre (which, let’s admit it, it’s pretty much limited in its musical scope), you might argue Analectomy doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Now, is it a bad or good thing? You decide.

As for me, I’m giving it repeated spins without any problem.

This CDr is limited in quantity, but give a shout to Inherited Production to see if it’s still available.