Ah, the lovely sound of noise in the morning! Guys, seriously, I have to say I’ve really missed listening to music and writing reviews for the last week or so while being busy with my (now previous) employment. But a very important lesson learned – 12 hours shifts suck (they always did) and you can’t do much with such a working schedule.

So back on a normal workday (I hope) and I am also back with my reviews! And to celebrate this, from the pile of recently acquired stuff I’ve pulled this lovely split of noise – namely Malaysian noisecore partisans Shitnoise Bastards and US noise relentless behemoth, which is Jay Watson’s Dental Work.

Released back in 2014 on a CDr limited to 20 copies (mine is copy #7), which is nothing surprising in noise circles (good to remember, if you want something, buy it straight away, otherwise you’re gonna regret it), a listener can enjoy himself with almost 20 minutes of two faces of noise.

First, Malaysian noisecore bulldozer Shitnoise Bastards bring their aural onslaught and man, do I like it! Obviously, distorted bass wins all the way, but other instruments and vokills are not behind. This is old school noisecore as it should be and considering the recording conditions, very well played and recorded! 13 songs in 8:39 and well recommended by yours truly.

The second track occupies Jay and his Dental Work, and it’s a live recording from 29/12/2011. See? I guess I was drinking then, and Jay was making music (OK, noise, sorry!)! I am f*ckin’ ashamed now! Anyway, the live sound adds to the collage of sounds and noises. Obviously, it’s a totally different thing, so you might not like as much as SNB material here, but I still consider this split well paired. The noise presented here is not of the ultra-HNW variety, so the sounds are nicely recognizable (some are sooo familiar I’d bet even I’ve managed to make those with my equipment – but, of course, not intentionally). And the ability to recognize the sounds, even without any pattern, is – in my book, at least – always a plus. Some passages are just insane (in a good way)! And not to forget, Jay is the person behind the incredible Placenta Recordings, a veritable hive of great audio stuff.

Hmm…I guess I have another favourite split here. I don’t know if you can find the copy somewhere (at least in digital format you should be able), but if you can, definitely grab it.

Shitnoise Bastards tracks are available here: https://shitnoisebastards.bandcamp.com/album/split-with-dental-work-usa