Now that was unexpected! OK, to give you an insight, this is a compilation of stuff by Zen Lopex’s another project, called Feline Hemorrhoids, released via his own DIY label Causticity Productions.

So, you know. Gorenoise the way we like it (or don’t, but that’s subjective, of course).

This release, limited to 20 copies (therefore, good luck finding it), contains 4 songs and I’d say it’s quite obvious they haven’t been produced in the same time, the sound levels of tracks are not normalized, so I had to adjust the volume with every track. Well, at least I’m not getting lazy with my mouse skills.

The material is more on the harsher side of gorenoise, but if you’ve read my previous review of Zen’s material under this project, you know that I always praise him for keeping – whether intentionally or not, I have no idea – his output interesting either by resemblance of melody (if you can call it that), or with the repetitive patterns of sound collages, which is almost on industrial level.

In this release he also – again, have no idea if that’s his idea or a glitch – introduced unexpected breaks in the songs. Almost like the song consists of various unrelated parts being patched together (and, checking carefully over the cover + researching stuff on the net proved that being a case, namely, each song here is basically an umbrella for multiple songs – what a clever guy I am!). We’re in the experimental music area and that’s the part of the charm, but I’d prefer them running without any interruptions…hovewer, that’s me.

The first 55 seconds long material from the split with K9 Hemorrhoids serves as an intro to more interesting stuff, and while song #2 (from Demo 2018) proves my point for containing repetitive patterns as per industrial noise, track #3 (tracks from “Case 1: Tricuspid Valve Endocarditis…” demo) is, surprisingly, quite melodic (but still, keep in mind that this kind of melody is not what you hear on your radio). And that cute guitar in the end? Lovely.

The last track – tracks from “Garfield Get Real” demo – is the longest, but if you are able to stomach previous songs (which are over 5 and 6 minutes long, respectively), then 13:17 has nothing on you. And for some artists, 13:17 is like a whole album with bonus tracks!

As a whole, this album is definitely good example how creative gorenoise can be. Each song is different and together they keep a listener engaged. If you can find a copy, get it.

Causticity Productions/Zen Lopex can be contacted at: